The Bachelorette: Finale and ATFR

23 07 2012

You found this blog, which means, you have internet access. Check out my deductive reasoning!

So you already know… Emily chose Jef on the Bachelorette Finale last night.

You didn’t really come to my blog to find out ‘the winner’ – you came to discuss last night’s finale and ATFR.

Did you sit through all 3 hours of the Bachelorette last night? I did. And I’ll probably sit through 2 hours of the bachelor Pad tonight… sad right? But it’s Monday night, and it’s the summer. There’s nothing else on and they KNOW it! It’s the ABC Monday night formula: DWTS, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad… start again.

SO let’s talk about last night.

Here’s my question:

If Arie had received the first ‘last’ date after the two met the Parents… would HE have met Ricki, and would HE have been the ultimate ‘winner’. Was he a victim of…timing? of production? of editing? Or had Emily already made up her mind, requesting the show to work the way it did… Jef getting the first date, meeting Ricki and sealing the deal.

An interesting thought.

ONE guy got to meet Ricki – after that, it was all over.

Jef has never been my favourite to ‘win’. I struggled with his school-boy crush attitude he adopted every time he was with Emily. You’re a grown woman, with a child, who has had your share of romance… does it really sweep you off your feet to hear a guy say he was ‘scared’ to kiss you? Is that endearing? Or it that ‘behind the portables at recess’? I just didnt get…them.

However, I also know how much of this show is scripted, edited to tell a ‘story’, and only seconds of a relationship that manifests itself without cameras rolling. I know this. Therefore, I can’t analyse their relationship based on what I’ve seen every Monday night.

ATFR was useless – it followed the exact same format as every other. “When are you getting married” “What do you love about each other” “How does it feel to be public about your relationship?” “is that a Neil Lane rock on your finger?”

Probably the most interesting story line that unfolded last night…was the Ari rejection drama.

Emily showed up at her final date with Arie, and choked out a rejection instead. Arie’s reaction was extremely realistic. As in, I felt like we were watching a real moment between a man and a woman ending a relationship that was unexpected and emotional. Follow that up with a face-to-face ATFR, where we hear that Arie tried to reach out after the show… and Emily would have no part in it. Emily has shown strength and poise through this entire process, however, she seriously lacks the ability to just… say the hard stuff. She could NOT verbalize her feelings to Arie when she was breaking up with him, and she could not bring herself to properly explain her relationship with Jef to him…even now!

So there was a fair share of drama last night – the question of whether this couple will last is moot. They have the same chance as any other… The Franchise doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation for developing long lasting relationships.




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