The Voice: Battle Round 3 Results

18 04 2012

Last night on The Voice, the most significant cuts were made, rounding out the group of Semi Finalists.

Christina and Blakes group lost another member – they each started with 4 on Monday, and are left with just 2 after last night.

Two decisions were made – the first person was saved by voters, the remaining two contestants then sang for their lives, and one was saved by their coach.

Let’s start with Blakes Team: RaeLynn, Erin and Jermaine Paul.

Jermaine Paul received the voters save.

Country pumpkin Raelynn went very safe with her song choice, picking The Band Perry (guess which song?) and Erin chose Proud Mary… I’m sure Blakes heart was breaking, because deep down based ont he performances, the country sweetie pie was definitely the weaker of the two. But, she IS the most commercial. He went with the more powerful singer, and chose Erin Willett. He also knows that RaeLynn will emerge as a budding country phenom with one phone call…and he’ll make it.

Christina’s Team: Lindsey, Ashley and Chris.

Chris Mann saved by the Voters.

So black sheep Lindsey vs fresh faced Ashley. Ashley chose You and I, an odd choice… she is anything┬áBUT Gaga. However, her vocas were strong. Lindsey picked an emotional little known song and stuck true to her art. Christina cried alot. Too much. She cried to make a spectacle, not becasue her heart was breaking. In the end, she chose the more unique artist in Lindsey Pavao.

So, Blake and Christina have just 2 people ‘representing’ them in the semi’s.

Blake has Jermaine Paul and Erin Willett.
Christina has Lindsey Pavao and Chris Paul.

Strong teams?


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