The Voice: Top 4 Results

23 06 2011

Last night, The Voice chose the final 4 contestants to represent their coaches in the finals!

I think the big shockers of the season were in last weeks eliminations, when Adam chose Casey, and a few other favourites got the boot.

So last night, I made some predictions, and they all came true… you probably did the same. The Final 4 was obvious after last night’s performances.

So the final 4 are…

Adam: Javier Colon

Cee-Lo: Vicci Martinez

Blake Shelton: Dia Frampton

Christina: Beverly McClellan


I thought Blake was particularly invested in this process, he was shedding mini tears and handled the elimination of his young soul singer Xenia with such grace (even thought the choice was obvious). I felt the love on that team. The closest race was likely between Christina’s bald power singers.


The Voice: Monday June 21

22 06 2011

I havent talked too much about The Voice, but of course, I’m so watching it.

Now that it is in the later stages of competition, the cream is rising to the top – and last night, I finally saw some talent that could be viable commercial superstars. I was unsure in the earlier rounds.

My Favourites last night were:

Nakia – singing Adam Lambert and rocking it. He has a fantastic voice that can do rock, blues, soul… and he is memorable.

Dia – last week she took a Kanye West song down to the roots and WOWed me, this week she did the same with an REM song, Losing my Religion. I absolutely LOVE this girl, I think she has an Indie flair but the pure talent (ans stage) to be HUGE!

Beverly– is a massive personality, and a massive talent. Power vocals like Etheridge, shock factor like O’Connor.

Javier Colon – I am in love with his voice. He does great thigns with it, the songs he chooses are perfect for his range and stylings, last night he took on Fix You by Coldplay – a powerful melodic ballad, and his voice was like butter.

Vicci – had a prime spot, right after a very low key performance by Xenia – she amped it up and got the crowd into it. SHe’s a bit of a darkhorse, never really remembered her until tonight. She has the art of performance wrapped up, she’s a full package girl.

Those were my favourites… The standouts for me, the rest were also good:

Frenchie Davis – is getting alot of respect for her pipes, and I liked that she did something different last night. I still miss something with Frenchie, I don’t know what it is. Sorry, can’t put my finger on it, I just don’t LOVE her.

Casey Weston – was kind of a shocker vote for me by Adam – he chose her over two other very talented guys in his group to move forward. She has a unique vibrato and a very pretty voice, but I also don’t LOVE her. Nothing super “new” in my opinion.

Xenia- still suffering with crippling shyness, maybe this isnt her time. She needs to amture a bit and be able to handle extreme pressure and come out on top.


Based on their perfomances last night, who will make the final 4?


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