The Voice: Finale and The Winner

30 06 2011

The Winner of the Voice is…. Javier Colon!

By now you all know, because you all watched last night as The Voice proved once again, it was way more than anyone expected it to become. Yes, last night each performer sang with a music icon : Train, One Republic, Miranda Lambert and the incomparable Stevie Nixx!

BIG names, BIG performances – songs that couldve been recorded and released as major hits!

Seriously, Javier and Stevie Nixx had something last night…and after that duet, I knew that I’d be very happy if he won over my girl Dia.

It was a great finale, no one can argue with that.

And I doubt you can argue with the winner. After it was announced that Dia and Javier were the Top 2, my mind was at peace. Both were deserving, both had incredible performances along the way, both had a fantastic final performance and original song.

Javier came out on top, but both will go on to record and have great careers…

Dia might just get adopted by Blake and join in their happy singing family. Don’t rule it out folks.


Did the right person win in your opinon? Will you watch next season starting…this winter?


The Voice: Finale June 28

29 06 2011

I was so excited to watch The Voice Finale last night. I had high hopes.

Usually in these situations, my hopes are dashed when the producers decide to add filler, or give the contestants TERRIBLE pop drivel to sing.

But last night, I was absolutely satisfied!

Each of the 4 final singers sang two songs: 1 original, and one duet with their coach.

This had the potential to be a trainwreck. Original songs (a la American Idol) are generally speaking the worst cast off pop songs swept from the floor of a dirty Hollywood recording studio written by: Anonymous. And last night, they needed 4 songs. But, somehow – they were able to actually get some talented people to write and help produce songs tailored for each contestant. Amazing! Each song had the personality of the singer, and showed off their best singing features.

Dia had a brooding, building Kean-style song that totally fit her range and performance style. I didn’t mind the shadow boxes, I thought it was cool. There I said it.

Beverly had a pop-rock power piece that was perfect for her particular Etheridge-esque wheel-house.

Vicci – another powerful piece that showed off her vocal chops and strong performance abilities.

Javier had a smooth acoustic pop song that highlighted his beautiful voice and warm personality.

All of the songs were great, I’m a Dia/Javier fan so I thought they came out on top… but really, all were solid in their oringianls and I can see ALL of them being hits next week.

On to the Duets:

Dia and Blake are so cute. Can we just pause for a moment to acknowledge how cute their relationship is? I mean really. They could be father-daughter it’s so cute. So when they came out and sang a Tom Petty song with matching suits and shades on, it was an absolute highlight of the night for me.

Christina and Beverley are two very strong voices, but one thing that bothered me was the choice of song. Really Christina? Picking YOUR song to sing? Everyone else choise a song out of their own repertoire, are you that vain, or that uncomfortable taking a risk? I don’t get it. I am also note getting Christina’s recent fashion statments and hair ecisions. Just saying. Anyways, they sang the ‘you-know-what’ out of the song ‘Beautiful’ – but I really thought Beverley should have been featured more.

Javier and Adam took on the iconic MJ song Man in the Mirror. And who knew, that song could be sang in a duet by these two guys and completely be revived and refreshed? I loved it! I was skeptical, but actually, the two of them had a perfect blend of vocal range and style to pull it off. I guess after two years, it’s the right time to start covering some MJ songs and giving them new life.

Vicci and Cee-Lo sang Love is a Battlefield in true Cee-Lo fashion and form. There were Lost Boy dancers, tons of red feathers, mohawks, chains, spikes, lights and a lot of leather. Cee-Lo is a powerful image, so Vicci was fighting to be the ‘feature’. I think kCeeLO couldve taken it down a few notches for her sake, but her voice really did shine through. It was definitely one fianl performance to remember!


Who is winning this thing? I wouldve said my girl Dia, but I’m not so sure after such strong performances last night. Everyone really does have a shot at this!

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