The Voice: Finale and The Winner

30 06 2011

The Winner of the Voice is…. Javier Colon!

By now you all know, because you all watched last night as The Voice proved once again, it was way more than anyone expected it to become. Yes, last night each performer sang with a music icon : Train, One Republic, Miranda Lambert and the incomparable Stevie Nixx!

BIG names, BIG performances – songs that couldve been recorded and released as major hits!

Seriously, Javier and Stevie Nixx had something last night…and after that duet, I knew that I’d be very happy if he won over my girl Dia.

It was a great finale, no one can argue with that.

And I doubt you can argue with the winner. After it was announced that Dia and Javier were the Top 2, my mind was at peace. Both were deserving, both had incredible performances along the way, both had a fantastic final performance and original song.

Javier came out on top, but both will go on to record and have great careers…

Dia might just get adopted by Blake and join in their happy singing family. Don’t rule it out folks.


Did the right person win in your opinon? Will you watch next season starting…this winter?


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