American Idol: Top 5 Results

4 05 2012

Results shows are tough at this stage in the American Idol Season.


Even though Randy said this was the best Top 5 ever… I considered 2 or 3 of them mediocre and in danger after wednesday night’s performances. Philip didnt knock it out of the park as he ususally does, Holly was, as always, forgettable at best, Skylar was pitchy in that last song – and they know it now that they’ve watched it back, Jessica has been coasting a bit… the only one that had a stand out night was Joshua, which we have come to expect.

So now people are voting for who they want to win this thing…right? It’s not really about the individual performances of any given night, it’s about their whole body of work to this point, and who people think should be the next ‘Idol’.

We can talk more about this…after we get to the results from last night.

Joshua. Safe

Holly and Philip. Holly in the bottom, Philip safe.

Jessica and Skylar. Jessica safe, Skylar in the bottom.

Bottom two: Skylar and Holly

Holly has had an express ticket to the bottom since the Top 10. Could it finally be her time? Skylar was highly praised last night, but sitting where I was sitting, she was screechy and pitchy in that last ballad.

The person eliminated… Skylar.

Holly slays another dragon.

So, who will the mass voting audience decide is their American Idol? The decision is made NOW.

Is it the raw acoustic Philip Phillips? Not everyone ‘gets’ his Dave Matthews vibe.

Is it the 16 year old phenom with the Whitney voice, Jessica? A few years ago, I wouldve said she was the shoo-win, the perfect picture of what the Simon Cowell regime crowned a commercial goldmine.

Is it Joshua, with ‘the voice’ ‘the gift’… he is literally the male version of Fantasia, and as highly praised as Fantasia was in her Idol stint, she was not THAT successful at finding a broad market later on.

Or… is it the blonde ballad singer Holly. She brings nothing creative or new to the table, except a good voice. Maybe, that’s what America values over everything else.



American Idol: Vegas Week

17 02 2012

From the initial auditions, to Hollywood solos, Hollywood Groups, then to Vegas where each will performa in a group and then likely one more solo in order to make the Top…whatever. American Idol is a GRIND, like… it’s serious business. I highly doubt, that with this format we are going to see subpar performers anywhere CLOSE to Top 10. In the past, we’ve seen people like Sanjaya make it to the Top 10… that could NEVER happen with the rigourous audition process the contestants are put through in recent seasons.

Not only do you have to blow the judges away acapella, you have to stand out from a group, work with vocal coaches, create choreography, sing on massive Vegas stages and work with a full band behind you. And every time, you have to be a Star. You have to out perform the people in your group, outperform your last performance and outperform previous performers. Intense! There will not be a ‘filler’ voice in the  group once this is all said and done.

I think the process is long, a little bit confusing ( why did they go to Vegas?) and seems to be making people seriously ill (I’ve seen more people ralph on this show than on Fear Factor). However, I feel like in the end, we are going to have a VERY strong Final group which will translate into a VERY entertaining season. Usually, there are one or two real stand outs… from my calculation, there is a group of about 10 that I am already certain haev the potential to make huge waves in this competition and beyond.

The groups performed ‘the full package’ last night. And kudos to the producers for letting us see most group performances from start to finish rather than chopping each song into sound bites and snippets. These numbers were like watching a Broadway or Vegas audition – they were professional, they were rehearsed to a tee, they were theatrical and inspiring. The talent these people have is insane. I wish for jsut one day I could feel what it’s liek to have THAT kind of power and beauty in my voice. Each person that hit the stage has a true gift… and that’s what’s exciting about watching this show. When do you ever get to see so many fantastic performances by such a wide variety of voices? Don’t say GLEE… it aint the same.

I’m happy as a clam to see these artists hit homerun after homerun, song after song…

It’s going to be a GREAT season, but a hard season… one where I’m torn every week, and spitting mad at the ‘voters’ every thursday night.


Greys Anatomy: January 5th

6 01 2012

Those who have followed this blog for any amount of time knows my love-hate relationship with Greys Anatomy.

It’s ironic… there is no grey in Greys Anatomy. It’s either really good, comelling, must see TV. Or it’s a bust with terrible storylines like ghost-love, hospital bickering,  or Meredith mellow drama.

More times than not, Greys Anatomy has the content, the storylines and the characters to raise their game. And I think it’s safe to say we are past some of the excruciating pitfalls of previous seasons. One thing Greys does better than any other show on TV is rebound with a bang. Season premieres, Season finales, Events, Post Super bowls… Greys delivers big time.

End of last season, we were left on a cliff (not literally) hanging (not literally) as two major storylines developed.

1. Henry, Teddys husband was secretly given to Yang as a surgery patient. He died on the table… we ended the episode as Owen told her who the patient was… gut wrenching stuff.

2. Meredith and Alex were sent on a mission to save a very fragile preemy – enroute, their ambulence smashed into an oncoming car, and the damage was fatal… 6 bodies brutally maimed strwen across the road, in a rainstorm, oncoming cars.

So we pick up where we left off – Meredith and Alex quickly triage, and realize it is an entire family ( 3 children, parents and a grandmother). Meredith manages to hail down an oncoming truck… and the patients are rushed to Seattle Grace.

In the meantime, Teddy still has not been told of her husbands death, as she is arm-deep, trying to repair a heart during surgery. It’s such a tricky procedure that she calls specifically for the talents of Yang to assist. Worst… situation…ever. Yang has to pretend the prior surgery went well, focus on the task at hand, and play along with the secret.

At the end of an exhausting emotional surgery – Yang also has to tell Teddy the news. The only one with the guts…

The injured family is dying one by one… the eldest daughter watches as firs her grandma, then her mom cannot be revived. Her father is in a very unstable condition… and cannot breath or function on his own. She makes the ‘family’ decision as the new ‘leader’ that her father not be revived again.

In the end, it is just her and her brother and sister that remain… in an instant, how life can change.

At the end of the episode, we get a nice uplifting (and welcome) surprise – Meredith and Derek get Zola back for good!


In my opinion, a very good follow up episode to a suspensful and riveting finale.

X Factor Finale: The Winner

23 12 2011

The first season of the American X Factor and the Return of Simon Cowell to FOX ended with a 2 hour Finale last night, heralding the winner of the $5 million, recording contract and Pepsi commercial (although, I dont know why everyone is making a big deal over that… it WAS a big deal in the 90’s and early 200o’s, when was the last time pepsi launched a career?).

I digress.

Of course, the results couldnt be announced without 2 hours of filler reminding us about Simon and LA’s feud, Nicole and Paula’s crocodile tears, the best, the worst and the over emotional from the season. Also, we gave a few people the chance to promote thei albums… like Justin Bieber who has been singing Christmas songs since september to ensure his record went platinum (and it did). He’s ony got 3 more legitimate days to sell this thing before it gets really stale.

The Final 3 were Chris Rene, Josh Krajik and Melanie Amaro. They all had to sing a Christmas song. A bit pointless and shmultzy. I’ll give you 3 guesses (but you’ll get it in 1) as to which song Melanie sang. GO ahead, think about it. If you guesses Mariah Carey… you were just as ‘surprised’ as me.

The third place was announced… Chris Rene.

and all is right in the world.

Finally, the winner is announced: Melanie Amaro wins X Factor!

I made a very bold prediction yesterday that Melanie would take it, I staked my reputation on it so I’m glad she won. However, my personal favourite was Josh from the start. I think the reason both he and Chris are smiling is that they know this aint over for them. Probably 5 or 6 from the top 10 will see the inside of a recording studio within a year because their mentors still want to make $$ off of them. C’mon you know it’s true…and it’s not wrong, it gives the artists a chance to benefit form the show as well.


Congrats to Melanie Amaro… better get the single out soon.


X Factor Elimination: December 8th

9 12 2011

O.M.G the manuafactured Drama on X Factor is, actually probably the most entertaining thing on TV right now.


I thought last week was going to be the ‘shocker’ moment of the season, but this week might actually take the cake. Remember last week, doe-eyed Drew had her world collapse in front of her as Paula delievered the final blow to send her home. Simon threw a bit of a tantrum, and maybe for good reason. She was not the person we expected to go home, and it certainly wasnt for lack of talent.

it was hard to watch a 14 year old deal with emotional distress, live infront of millions. Crushing.

This week, the usual suspects made it through to the next round free and easy – Melanie (who has been on fire since her accent coming out party!) Chris Rene (surprising….no?) and Josh (frontrunner from day 1).

That left perrennial bottom dweller Marcus Canty and soulful tween Rachel Crow.

For me, this was a no-brainer. Rachel had never been in the bottom, Marcus has been a staple in the bottom for weeks. However, I believe I said the same thing last week regarding the sing off between Drew and Marcus. Drew cracked under the pressure and didnt really perform the socks off her song. This week both Rachel and Marcus killed it… so it really comes down to building a Top 4 of the singers most desrving of a major contract.

It came to the judges… actually, it really came down to Nicole. If she voted for Rachel, she wouldnt have to take a ‘stand’ because it would go to the total vote count. What do YOU think she did? She cried and said ‘i cant decide!’ and voted for Rachel.


To the votes…. Rachel Crow eliminated from X Factor, one week before the Final 4.


Reaction? Just as devastating or worse than Drew. A 13 year old girl has been told that this is her shot, this is her time, this is her American Dream. And in one decision, her whole future is ripped fomr her clutches. I truly think the producers of this show, and the judges are seeing the storm they have created. By a)allowing very young children to be a part of this comeptition and b) building up the significance of this opportunity. Yes, it’s a big deal. But seeing the reaction on these kids faces when they DONT win, tells me they are not prepared for the blow.

I don’t know who’s fault it is… but devastation for the sake of drama doesnt sit well with me.

and Nicole, such a cowardice move, worse than Paula’s – at least she MADE a decision.


X Factor Elimination: December 1 Results

2 12 2011

I don’t usually write about the X Factor, but last night’s elimination is worth a bit of a discussion.

First, Astro was sent packing. The lil rapper phenom with the attitude… no doubt he’s already got a contract and album in the works. Don’t cry for him.

That wasn’t a huge shocker, except that he was touted as a front runner, when he obviously was not.

Then, 2 singers were cursed to sing for their lives. Marcus Canty and Drew.

Here’s where I would like to kick off my discussion. Is Marcus Canty a Star? That’s the question I have been asking myself for a few weeks now… I don’t know. He has a good voice, but I always forget about him until he sings the next week. Maybe if he sticks around long enough he’ll grow into his stardom… it happens, that’s how Jordin Sparks won American Idol. All of a sudden, she was the best choice left. Might happen here.

But Drew, is a legitimate star in the making. I dont know that there is any argument there. The only obstacle for Drew is age. These shows go to great length to ‘proove’ that age doesnt matter… it most certainly does. Take Astros temper tantrum as an example. He is a little brat. Drew, is not a brat… but she lacks the maturity to convince an audience and a judging panel that she can be a super star. She did not defend herself well at all in this competition. Every time she was unfairly critiqued, she cried and gave school girl speeches about Demi Lovato songs.

I think in this case, Drew has the better potential to be a Star.

However, it was NOT up to me… it was up to the judges. And Drew had psyched herself out the instant she heard she was in the bottom. Paula had the swing vote, and chose to send her home.


Here’s where age is MOST CERTAINLY a factor. We watched as a 14 year old girls WORLD was crushed… Live on stage. It was waterworks, sobbing, weeping, crushing defeat. This girl was not ready for that kind of emotional destruction. She was not yet capable of TV composure, she was truly distressed beyond repair.

It was uncomfortable to watch, but even more than that… this girl had her feet cut out from undr her, and she was not prepared.

It left a sour taste in my mouth.


Greys Anatomy Premiere

23 09 2011

Greys Anatomy has kept the coveted Thursday night slot, and continues to pull in great ratings.

One of the reasons I love Greys Aantomy is the quality of Television they produce season after season. Okay, the ghost story was weird, but there are some episodes that I will never forget. One was the ‘Bomb’ event post super bowl a few years back. Another would be the past seasons ‘gunman in the hospital’, or how about the ‘departure’ of George? All absolutely unbelievable and unrivaled television events.

I always look forward to premieres and finales on Greys, the writers seem to step up their game to start and end the season.

Last night was no exception.

A few epic events unfolded onscreen last night, first was a natural disaster – a sinkhole. It took a few lives, and severly injured many people. The most captivating storyline was the husband and wife who had been arguing minutes before the disaster, and in the hours to come… the husbnad was forced to ‘play doctor’ and prove his undying love for his wife. Question: would you have the strength to perform an amputation on a dying loved one? I dont know…I just dont know.

Other storylines worth mentioning:

Christina struggles with her decision to have an abortion because Owen doesnt agree or understand.
Meredith gets fired for her unethical decisions last season.
Derek still loathes her for it, and only speaks to their newly adopted baby Zola.
That relationship is also threatened when child services learns of their marital problems.
Hope’s first day as Chief Resident is a bust… basically, she sucks at it.

Cliff hanger? The Chief decides to resign and save Merediths career at the same time. He ‘owns up’ to tampering with the Trial himself, and confessing that Meredith was simply covering for him. This will save Merediths job, but likely not her marriage…yet.


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