Greys Anatomy November 10th

11 11 2011

At this point, we all know Greys Anatomy can be the best show on TV when it wants to be.

No other show can produce such heart wrenching drama, jaw dropping moments, and memorable scenes. Particularly during Sweeps, or season premieres/finales – Greys Anatomy can hit some serious out of the park grand slam episodes.

Last night, it delievered once again. The writers are so unafraid to go into some seriously dark situations and make you think about life differently.

There were 2 scenarios that kept you on the edge of your seat (couch) all hour long.

1. Meredith and Derek get the news that Zola will not be returned to them. Meredith goes out with Carev to save a premature baby with breathing complications. It’s a dangerous mission because the baby is so small, and requires an intubator to keep it safe on the trip between hospitals. In the pouring rain, in the middle of the night… the hospital van breaks down and the driver runs to get halp leaving the two in a ticking timebomb as the van has stopped right in the middle of a road. Deserate to save the baby, Carev and Merdith hold tight… but are sent flying as a crash occurs. They wrap the baby and head out… the final scene shows three or 4 people lying on the road, and another van on fire beside them. Gut wrenching.

2. at the end of  the last episide, Teddys husband is rushed to the ER throwing up blood. Teddy is totally involved, but cannot be the surgeon. She wants Yang to do the life saving procedure, but the decision is NOT to reveal who the patient is… allowing Yang to do her best work without emotional implications. Yang goes in overconfident and blase. After a huge complication, other surgeons try desperately to revive the patient… but Henry is decalred dead on the table! Owen then has to tell Yang who she was working on… can you imagine the horror?

Owen cannot bring himself to tell Teddy her husband died… but you won’t be able to keep that secret for long.

This is the last episode for a long time, after the holidays I assume… Holy cliff hanger Batman! Not that I’m surprised, these shows are notorious for taking long breaks. But if it menas they are going to coninue to bang out amazing television as a result? Take the time you need Greys, I’ll be here waiting for when you return…



Greys Anatomy Premiere

23 09 2011

Greys Anatomy has kept the coveted Thursday night slot, and continues to pull in great ratings.

One of the reasons I love Greys Aantomy is the quality of Television they produce season after season. Okay, the ghost story was weird, but there are some episodes that I will never forget. One was the ‘Bomb’ event post super bowl a few years back. Another would be the past seasons ‘gunman in the hospital’, or how about the ‘departure’ of George? All absolutely unbelievable and unrivaled television events.

I always look forward to premieres and finales on Greys, the writers seem to step up their game to start and end the season.

Last night was no exception.

A few epic events unfolded onscreen last night, first was a natural disaster – a sinkhole. It took a few lives, and severly injured many people. The most captivating storyline was the husband and wife who had been arguing minutes before the disaster, and in the hours to come… the husbnad was forced to ‘play doctor’ and prove his undying love for his wife. Question: would you have the strength to perform an amputation on a dying loved one? I dont know…I just dont know.

Other storylines worth mentioning:

Christina struggles with her decision to have an abortion because Owen doesnt agree or understand.
Meredith gets fired for her unethical decisions last season.
Derek still loathes her for it, and only speaks to their newly adopted baby Zola.
That relationship is also threatened when child services learns of their marital problems.
Hope’s first day as Chief Resident is a bust… basically, she sucks at it.

Cliff hanger? The Chief decides to resign and save Merediths career at the same time. He ‘owns up’ to tampering with the Trial himself, and confessing that Meredith was simply covering for him. This will save Merediths job, but likely not her marriage…yet.


American Idol Results: April 21

22 04 2011

By now you all know the results from American Idol last night.

So long Stefano.

Was anyone worried for Jacob, or the short lived Haley?

It wasnt a surprise to most that Stefano went home – what is starting to alarm me slightly is the LACK of bottom three time Lauren and Scotty are seeing. If Jacob can have an off week and land in the bottom, certainly those two are due for some nervousness about their performances. Is this the Tween vote?

All said and done, last night was not a huge shocker. But in the coming weeks, don’t be surprised if some of your favourites hit the bottom three stools while Scotty and Lauren coast. Just sayin.

American Idol: March 10 Results

11 03 2011

Well, the American Idol Results Show format hasnt changed much.

Really Nigel…really?

Like we need to see the Idols in a corny, potentially career ending Ford commercial? It’s embarassing. Just as embarassing, is the product integration. We get it. Coke sponsors, Ford sponsors, and any movie/TV show that Fox is involved with gets a mention and a video piece.

They hardly had time to ‘fit in’ the results…

They came upon us really fast, Ryan didnt even make it to the final half of the group before pulling the bottom 3.

The Bottom 3 was no real surprise: Karen, Ashthon and Lauren.

Remembering that Ashthon didnt have enough votes to land her in the Top 13 if it werent for hte judges, It was also not surprising that she was the lowest vote-getter last night. She also picked a horrific song, and nobosy stopped her form singing it (whos fault is that? inexperienced girl, or seasoned record producer?)

She was forced to compose herself and sing ‘for her life’…which, seesm a little patronizing considering the judges get ONE save per season…and it aint gonna be on the first night.

She sang…the same song that got her there, and was gracefully rejected by the judges.

So Ashthon is the first Idol to fall.

American Idol: Revealing the Top 10

3 03 2011

At least that’s how it was billed. Tonight, we would see our Top 10 Idols for this season.

But in reality, America chose 10 singers. The judges then made up their own rules, and chose 3 more to join the group…making a nice round Top 13.

This decision came after a 2 hour performance/wildcard showdown, product placement, inane Seacrest questions, a new J-Lo video, and candid ‘looking back’ vignettes.

So the Top 5 Guys were:

  • Casey
  • Scottie
  • James
  • Paul
  • Jacob

The Top 5 Girls were:

  • Thia
  • Haley
  • Karen
  • Pia
  • Lauren A

The judges then selected 6 singers to re-perform ‘for their lives’ (I love how that line is now part of our collective social vernacular thanks to these competition shows…)

Singing for life or death… Jovani, Stefano, Robbie and Naima, Kendra, Ashthon

You would assume, one girl and one guy would make it. But this is a new era. This is a new panel. There are no such thing as ‘following the norm’. That’s right…whatever J-Lo says goes. And J-Lo wants you to watch her video, and send 3 people to the Top 13.

That’s mean… I’m sure The Dawg and The Lips gave their two cents.

So add to the Top 10… Ashton, Stefano and Naima.

American Idol Thursday: February 3rd

3 02 2011

Day 2 this week, of American Idol.

I had high hopes for the LA auditions. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

The only audition I truly enjoyed was The Brothers singing a Lean on Me duet. They were both great, it will be interesting to see how they sing as a solo act, and which brother will rise to the top in Hollywood.

There were an awful lot of crazies in LA. More than I expected. But most of them werent actually FROM LA. It seems LA happens to just be the magnet or the meeting place of the crazies.

One in particular started to scare me… me and J-Lo. The man from the ‘plantation’ in the south with the snakes and the hogs. He just wouldn’t quit, and I would’ve called for security LONG before they did. The man had bells on and looked like Flava Flav. It was hard to watch without thinking… sometimes, it’s not TV worthy to put a clearly deranged and troubled human being on camera. Just my opinion…

Next week, Wednesday night is the last audition stop in San Fran, and Thursday… the start of Hollywood week! I’m excited, there are some great stories and stars-in-the-making to watch for!

American Idol Thursday: January 27th

27 01 2011

Double dose of American Idol… not that I’m complaining!

The judges were in Nashville–  Music City has a lot to live up to! I figured there were going to be a slew of fake cowboys, girls in cowboy boots belting out Carrie Underwood tunes… but actually, Nashville was slightly less predictable than I thought.

The hits of the night for me were:

  • The Exes that auditioned together – both voices stood on their own, and soared as a harmony. That’s an interesting storyline to follow… music is the language of love right?!
  • The Skinny Rod Stewart singing, Rod Stewart. Great voice, great vibe… I just hate a guy with a smaller waistline than me, so he’ll have to sing good enough for me to look past that!
  • and of course, the singer of the night… the Blonde 15 year old that ended the auditions. She is a superstar no matter what happens on this show. She even knocked the stuffing out of Dream On (Steven Tyler’s power ballad). Wowza.

But you know, the true highlight of the night came from the Flops and Freak Outs. My favourite tonight was ‘Younique‘ (oh the irony). Loved her, loved her loved her. She came in dressed for prom, with her self-produced ‘album’ (just the one copy.) and all the diva confidence of an A-Lister.

Another entertaining evening with my favourite reality show of the season thus far. Idol is BACK and I’m loving it.

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