Greys Anatomy Thursday

30 09 2010

I love Greys Anatomy…there I said it.

I love that I have been watching this series from the start, and it continues to be the marquee event every thursday night. As much as there has been a revolving door of characters and plotlines…it always comes back to the core of what makes it great. The anchors.

Great dialogue (no one does monologues better!), Great themes (always topical and a perfect mix of humour and sensitivity) and love.

The greatest love story of them all is the one between Yang and Meredith. As Meredith once said “you’re my person” and as Hunt says “I may be her husband, but you’re her soulmate”. It’s so beautiful. The friendship is ironclad no matter what…and they ARE soulmates. And they always end up lying face up to the ceiling working it out together.

Tonight, Yang faced the devestating aftershock of ‘the gunman’. She freaked out during a surgery and the only person that could coerse her out of her paralysis was Meredith.

Meredith was also instrumental in reversing her decision to break up with Owen …with some help from a gripping speech about ‘going nowhere without you’ by the ginger-haired wonder boy himself.

Another great episode which ended in Meredith FINALLY being cleared for surgery, Derek promising not to street race again, Carev getting the bullet removed and Little Grey putting another dagger in McSteamys heart.

Where is this series going this season? Someone needs to get pregnant…just sayin.


Premiere Week Poll

23 09 2010

I love a good poll! (mind out of the gutters people…thank you.)

I thought it would be appropriate to ask the Question… Thursday night was the Climax of Premiere Week (for the last time, remove head from gutter!)- tell me what new show YOU watched in my TV Night Poll.

Should be interesting… and I wonder if ANY of these shows will be around next year when I ask the Question: What show are you most looking forward to restarting?

until then… get your votes in!

SYTYCD results

15 07 2010

you know that feeling? When you get the Final Jeopardy question right, and the astro-physicist, head librarian and software engineer didnt?


yesterday, I went out on a limb…a thin one, and predicted the outcome of the night’s elimination. As you may recall, I said that a) we didnt miss Ashley on performance night b) the judges should keep that in mind and c) she would conveniently be deemed too hurt to compete and bow out with a saved face.

and that’s exactly what happened.

A sigh of relief to all of you who were starting to sweat over the possiblility that Billy (the second coming of dance) might be sent home after landing in the bottom once again!

so next week will be a repeat of this week…with these implications:

1. one girl remains.

2. If either Billy or Robert return to the bottom…one of ’em is gonna go!

3. Jose made his first appearance in the bottom after exposing some weaknesses… think he can grow much more in this competition?

4. Kent continues to be the only viable superstar on the show.

SYTYCD results

1 07 2010


Shocker averted…for tonight.

Billy (the rebirth of modern dance) and Robert (number 11) and Melinda (the personality-less tapper) all landed in the bottom three…and while that should put people into a tizzy – the boys werent going anywhere. C’mon.

It’s been that way all season thus far. The girls are underperforming and not getting votes – and as much as Nigel hates it, he has no choice but to give the people what they want…an all boy competition apparantly!

So yes, Melinda went home. No big deal…but the REAL competition begins when all the girls are gone, and the boys battle for the ultimate title of Americas Favourite dancer.

It WILL be a guy. I’d be willing to bet my right arm on that…

Survivor recap

29 04 2010

Well, you have to give it to them…they DO try.

They have had many chances to oust Russell in this game…the opportunities have been there, but the follow through is lacking. severly.

Tonight was textbook. Russell retook the power Parvati (thought she) had by:
a) getting Candice to swing
b) finding the idol before the girls
c) not telling them about it 
d) making Sandra uneasy with her new alliance and
e) playing the idol at Tribal.

The Heroes could have attainted power in this game, but they made too many mistakes…
1. Letting Candice out of their sights
2. Amanda looking like a crazy person, literally fighting for the clue to the idol with danielle (like a 5 year old fighting for a piece of lego) while Colby just watched Tv (typical man…sorry.)
3. Waiting too long to “sign” Sandra! She was ready last week, this week she was on the fence and went with the sure bet.
4. Assuming Russell didnt have the idol.
5. Assuming Danielle DID.

The combination of (a) through (e) and (1) through (5) kept Russel in control of this game…and the ultimate demise of Amanda and signalling the systematic end of the heroes tribe.

Give her props though…Amanda has never been voted out of this game in 3 seasons (gone to the finals every time!)…that’s a credit to her (doe-eyed, non confrontational methods) game- no one else can say that!


29 04 2010

That’s right!

It’s thursday night, and from the looks of it…all of our shows are new tonight! What a concept…!

here’s what I’m watching tonight:

I’m still holding my breath… know they are going to throw a recap show at us somewhere down the line…when we least expect it. I’m hopeful that tonight they are airing a new episode. And after LAST week…this should be a doozy of a fall out! Russel and parvati executed a serious game changer to perfection last thursday… does that mean the heroes are on the ropes now? In the episode summary (useless as it often is…) it says taht a Villains make a mistake that could be costly…hmmm. Tune in tonight, CBS 8pm.

Greys anatomy:
well, it’s about friggin time! Welcome back to TV … it’s been awhile! This show is notorious for taking long random breaks mid-season (slackers!). I’m hearing serious buzz about this year’s finale…should be an epic 2 hours. Until then, McSteamy is having a grandchild…and it sounds like there are going to be some medical complications forcing him to play the family and doctor roles to come up with the best plan. I’m a glutton for punishment what can I say…I’m still watching…tonight, 9pm ABC.

Over on NBC:
Theres an ALL NEW comedy line up starting with parks and Rec, The Office and then 30 ROck. Finishing with Marriage Ref, welcoming Sarah Silverman, Matthew Broderick and Martin Short to the panel.

And the second round of a very exciting NHL playoffs starts tonight, Detroit vs San Jose…

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV NIght.

Survivor recap

23 04 2010

I am the first to admit that I have been pretty critical of the girls on Survivor. Ive called them leaches, weeklings, sheep, smiling puppy dogs with breasts….
TOnight, the game changed, a GIRL finally made a move that impacts the flow of game play. And it came from an unlikely suspect… Parvati. Sigh

I “sigh” because isnt that just ALWAYS the reality ladies? She represents the girls that every OTHER girl loves to hate. The cute body, unkempt hair that still looked great every day, bikini-clad, exudes the wiles of womanhood to perfection…and has total confidence and self awareness.

Her move was smart, plodding and showed some serious GAME. It wasnt perfect all the way through, but it ended with a bang. Going back to last week…she found an idol (a plus) and didnt tell Russell (another huge plus!). She’s not the only one with 2 idols, Russel also has his own, and the ‘given’ idol from the Heroes.

So last night was the merge. An right away, Russel went to work, reminding the Heroes that HE was on the outs and NEEDED them as allies. JT ate it from his hands like a farm animal. But Sandra didnt stay silent, planting the truth in Ruperts head…enough to make him think twice. He urged the heroes to test Russels alliance.

So the question lingered… did any OTHER Villains have idols? There were signs: Russells fake story about the idol duel off in the last council (proved to be a lie), Parvati told AManda she had one (coudl she be trusted?) and at challenge, Parvati let Danielle win a task she had handely to win (hmmm…).

In the end…it went down…like this. Right before tribal council, Russel believed Parvati was going home and by giving HIS idol to her, the votes would go whatever votes HE casted. But the plan was much more convoluted.

At council. Parvati stood up and gave away her idols to Jerry (wtf?) and Sandra (?!) . How did she KNOW?! The Heroes had split their votes to make sure Russels plan didnt happen…between Jerry and Sandra! So in the end…???? JT goes home by default vote!…liev…able.

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