DWTS results

28 09 2010

I’ll keep it brief…

Bolton got the Boot on DWTS.

He just wasnt cool enough, and he couldnt dance… not that any other cast member is ‘cool’ and ‘good at dancing’ yet…but Bolton emerged as a one-week-cooler than The Hoff, but one week less cool than the Situation. You know what I mean.

So the men in their 50’s didnt rope in the expected fans (especially based on demographics!) so, which stereotype is next to go? We shall see next week…

Goodbye Bolton.

*UPDATE: Michael Bolton is going Diva on us and asking Bruno to apologize for his scathing comments about his jive. Seems he thinks it was the comment and not the lack of ability that got him ousted. Thoughts?


Tuesday Night TV

8 06 2010

Monday is over…Bachelorette was mediocre but tonight, I urge you…to stay in.

There’s kinda something for everyone tonight…

Kick it off with  America’s Got Talent with new and awesome judge Howie Mandell. Seriously. Hoff needs to find a job where he is loved unconditionally…like beertent performer at Oktoberfest. I’m so over him…The third new third judge is the judge they shoulda had from the get -go. but then, I guess Howie actually HAD a job then…my bad.

Then, get your butt kicked with Jillian Michaels – and thank the lucky stars she doesnt make housecalls in Canada. You’re safe. Grab another ice cream sandwich and watch other people in sheer misery. Great TV.

AGT recap tonight – not that much can beat Michael Grimm (I told you to remember that name…) but just in case, tune in tonight.

Finale Recaps

26 05 2010

There were three finales last night… bad planning? Or brilliant scheduling?

Either way… Here’s what went down:

AMerican Idol:
I was a little bit disappointed I’m sorry to say. There wasnt a big throwdown…there was no competitive determination, nor was there a far-and-away stadn out performance of the night. I have a theory. Neither of them wanted to win. THey were both playing for ‘second’ place. Second place means more creative control, just as much (if not more) press and escaping the life-long lingering title of ‘American Idol’.

Whatever your theory is, there were some good moments and some confusing moments.

Confusing: American Idol threw away their guise of ‘true artist’ show… by making the new singles…Covers. Yep. No more Kara-written drivel about sunshines, rainbow, following hearts and revealing your destiny. I dont know how much I like the latter…cover singles? Really?

… My prediction is that Lee will win. There, I said it.

A ridiculously long, ridiculousy glitzy and ridiculously predictable finale. THe worst of the night. 2 hours watching dancers we voted off because we never wanted to see them again, recaps, MORE dances (that didnt factor in AT ALL to the voting) … climaxed by a win for Nicole that was inevitable and virtually unchallenged from the first show on. Congrats…dancer.

Biggest Loser:
Has one of the best finales on TV. All contestants come back to reveal their weightloss, it’s live, and there is minimal filler throughout. Last night, the skinny shells of those on the show came through the doors in style…and these people looked amaaaaazing! The final 4 was quickly whittled down (by vote) to a final three: Mike, Daris and Ashley.
fan favourite Koli won the at-home prize (although, he wasnt ‘at-home’ for long…but they lost over 200 pounds, so very well deserving.)

In the end, Big Mike (not the Idol…) lost more than HALF his size to win the big prize! Congrats…

Oh, and in case you were worried…Daris has a girlfriend.

American Idol Recap

12 05 2010

Jamie Foxx…really? I mean…Really?! Why not get Jacquin Pheonix…same thing.

The night was a bit dull, admittedly… minus one or two shining moments. But what didnt help was the awkward exchange between J-Foxx and the Idols….”seduce me”…No thanks!

To briefly recap the night:

Lee– is awesome, but chose a very safe song in Kissed by a Rose and did little to ntohing with it to make it fresh.

Big MIke– Took on a great song from Free Willy…unfortunately the song was overshadowed by the hilarious banter between him and Simon about…Willies.

Casey- plays a mean Mandoline…and has pretty hair, swoon. But again, did nothing terribly exciting with Mrs Robinson…in fact I think he made it even slower than the orginal hippy anthem.

Crystal– Took on a Kenny Loggins tune with gusto…too bad no one knows that song.

Lee and Crystal– match made in HEAVEN! Amazing song (Falling SLowly), Amazing partnership, I’m downloading it as we speak.

Casey/Mike– paled in comparison…I cant even remember it to be honest. Never a good sign.

Ok, so there was ONE shining moment…between Lee and Crystal, which may have cemented their births in the top 3. We shall see…tune in for elimination Wednesday, tonight 9pm FOX.

American Idol Tuesday

27 04 2010

Is anyone nicer and more down to earth than (ahem…canadian) Shania Twain? And could Ellen use her name in a pun or play on words more often? And (last one….) could you jam any more content into an hour?

The answer to ALL of the above…is No. FYI.

So here’s what happened tonight in TV NIght recap stylings:

Lee: I was going to try and use ‘journalistic integrity” and try to hide my honest opinions. But this is my blog….so…hand this guy a recording contract and drop the friggin confetti already! I love him, everything about him. He sang a classic Shania Tune “Still the ONe“. He changed it just enough, and his voice kicked into high gear at just the right times. Sensational performance.

Big Mike: Added his syruppy Luther Vandross soul to “It only hurts when I’m Breathing“. He does that kind of thing well, and there’s one every year. He’s definitly a good singer, but I wish he’d change it up a bit more week to week.

Casey: Seems to do better with his hair washed, pretty and flowing…have you noticed? When his hair is slicked, or in a pony tail…he’s in his seedy bar-singer voice. Tonight, he was back to Pretty Casey, and he sang very well. Second only to his Jealous Guy performance, keep washing and moussing that hair, it serves you well my friend!

Crystal: Looked very uncomfortable. With a good ole country jug band backing her up, and Shania telling her to (gasp!) smile…she was out of her element. I mean, everyone should have a bad week…it’s only fair. And tonight wasnt my favourite, nor was it the judges (gives me credibility right?)

Aaron: What can I say…of COURSE he picked You Got a Way, and it was dripping with youthful ignorance. I mean, this is a SEXY song…he made it about his mom. yikes. Judges gave him mediocre praise though…I guess his voice was fine…but I do not want this kid to walk away with Lee/Crystal’s trophy!

Siobhan: Was able to slip a scream into a Shania song. And killed it. She’s was back on track with tonight’s performance, but I kinda think she’s fading in this competition…I could be wrong.

American Idol Songs

20 04 2010

In case you were wondering what it feels like every week for the Idols in their Song Selection process…Here it is: They get a list of “OK-ed” songs to choose from…that’s right. A list of like 50 songs, those are the boundaries.

For example, here is the offical list of songs they will select from for tonight’s “Inspirational Songs” week:

“The Prayer,” Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion
“You’ll Never Walk Alone,” Barbra Streisand
“From a Distance,” Bette Midler
“Wind Beneath My Wings,” Bette Midler
“I’ve Had The Time Of My Life,” Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
“Lovely Day,” Bill Withers
“The River of Dreams,” Billy Joel
“That’s The Way God Planned It,” Billy Preston
“It’s My Life,” Bon Jovi
“Livin’ on a Prayer,” Bon Jovi
“Holding Out for a Hero,” Bonnie Tyler
“You’ve Got a Friend,” Carole King
“Show Me What I’m Looking For,” Carolina Liar
“So Small,” Carrie Underwood
“My Heart Will Go On,” Celine Dion
“Hero,” Chad Kroeger featuring Josey Scott
“You’re the Inspiration,” Chicago
“I Turn To You,” Christina Aguilera
“Reflection,” Christina Aguilera
“Higher,” Creed
“Don’t Dream It’s Over,” Crowded House
“Changes,” David Bowie
“The Time of My Life,” David Cook
“You Light Up My Life,” Debby Boone
“I’m Coming Out,” Diana Ross
“Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand),” Diana Ross
“That’s What Friends Are For,” Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight
“Return to Innocence,” Enigma
“World,” Five for Fighting
“Don’t Stop,” Fleetwood Mac
“Flying Without Wings,” Flying Without Wings
“The Impossible Dream,” Frank Sinatra
“Dream Weaver,” Gary Wright
“I Will Survive,” Gloria Gaynor
“Drive,” Incubus
“What the World Needs Now is Love,” Jackie DeShannon
“Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher and Higher),” Jackie Wilson
“I’ll Be There,” Jackson 5
“Living in America,” James Brown
“I Am Changing,” Jennifer Hudson
“Hands,” Jewel
“I Can See Clearly Now,” Jimmy Cliff
“Up Where We Belong,” Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
“The Is My Now,” Jordin Sparks
“You Raise Me Up,” Josh Groban
“Over the Rainbow,” Judy Garland
“Walking on Sunshine,” Katrina and the Waves
“A Moment Like This,” Kelly Clarkson
“Live Like We’re Dying,” Kris Allen
“I Hope You Dance,” Lee Ann Womack
“Lifted,” Lighthouse Family
“What a Wonderful World,” Louis Armstrong
“When You Believe,” Mariah Carey
“Anyway,” Martina McBride
“Stronger,” Mary J. Blige
“Go the Distance,” Michael Bolton
“Only Hope,” Mandy Moore
“We Are the Champions,” Queen
“You’re My Best Friend,” Queen
“I Believe I Can Fly,” R. Kelly
“My Wish,” Rascal Flatts
“Angels,” Robbie Williams
“Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” Simon & Garfunkel
“The Boxer,” Simon & Garfunkel
“Everyday People,” Sly & the Family Stone
“Heaven Help Us All,” Stevie Wonder
“Rainbow,” Sugar Ray
“Amazing Grace,” Susan Boyle
“Dare You To Move,” Switchfoot
“Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In,” The Fifth Dimension
“Better Days,” The Goo Goo Dolls
“People Get Ready,” The Impressions
‘I’ll Stand By You,” The Pretenders
“If You Believe,” The Wiz
“Live Like You Were Dying,” Tim McGraw
“Calling All Angels,” Train
“Greatest Love of All,” Whitney Houston

What would YOU choose for each to sing? Or, If you were a creative artist on this show, what would YOU choose to try and make “your own”?

My choices for each would be as follows (I’m sure you’re wondering…)

Lee: “Dare you to Move” – perfect range, perfect emotional connect
Crystal: “Hands” – earthy, strong…
Siobhan: “I’ll stand by You” – she could add a ‘scream’ at the peak of emotion
Casey: “Bridge over Troubled Water” – give it some soul, back to the roots
Aaron: “Live like you were Dying” – something he can close his eyes and belt out
Tim: “Youre my Best friend” – just chinsy and corny enough to work for Tim
Big MIke: “You Raise me Up” – it’s a love song he could let loose on.

Tune in tonight, FOX 8pm for the big show!

American Idol Tuesday

14 04 2010

Does anyone really win?

After using the “only save of the season” to keep Big Mike last week, 2 contestatns will leave us THIS week. So what’s the point? It doesnt give US anything, it only really benefits the guy on the chopping block. It’s weird, and I dont like it. There, I said it.

The only benefit, is that this season, there are a few people I wouldnt mind losing each week…and they are all still here! So tonight, theres another chance to oust 2 of them. Odds are, one of the two that will leave us could have benefitted from a “save”…but that’s another story.

Here’s a recap of the night:

Crystal Bowersox: Remember when I said Beatles week was HER night? Well, Elvis night might also have been HER night. There’s one problem…and it may just be a temporary thing…but I have to be honest. I didnt LOVE her last night. Her voice sounded a bit abrasive and harsh… am I wrong? You know I’m on the Bowersox Bandwagon…but tonight shouldve blown me away and it didnt. sorry.

Lee Dewyze: Still loving him. He took on “Little Less Conversation”, and his voice totally took it to a new rock level. He is radio-ready, his performance lacks the schmultz usually necessary to win this show. He was my favourite of the night, solid, creative, in tune and professional.

Aaron: I am really done with this boy. His performance of Blue Suede Shoes was corny, unoriginal and awkward. 2 people are leaving tonight…that is two chances to get rid of this guy. please.

Casey James: two steps forward…one step back. Tonight, he went back to his “bar singer” roots, and it did nothing for him. Last week he gained some real momentum, this week he reverted back to the ponytail (release the beautiful golden locks!) and sang “lawdy miss clawdy” (not exactly the most memorable Elvis song…). I wanted to love him, but I just didnt.

Tim Urban: This year’s Sanjaya. Not brutal enough to get the axe. Not good enough to get behind . Cute enough to be a contender. He sang a ballad to his 14 yar old fans keeping him in this competition- a great move on his part, he knows his audience.

Andrew Garcia: Lost his “cool” again (He keeps leaving it in Hollywood week…) I think he may have lost it for good this time. He was in the bottom last week, and he did nothing unique or different this week to revive his audience. Even Adam Lambert (the mentor)  said it was boring….ouch.

Siobhan: Could be Adam Lamberts long lost secret sibling…or a weird hybrid of him and Lady Gaga. She looked fantastic- she’s a star. I actually really enjoyed her performance of” Suspicious Minds” (my favourite Elvis song) but she got some so-so reviews from the judges. They better be careful, or she may be the shocker in the bottom three. We know she’s unique and odd…so her fans must be loud and proud to keep her in a competition that thrives on the “mass appeal”.

Big Mike: Good thing he stuck around…because he was great tonight. Sitting with a guitar singing a soulful rendition of “In the Ghetto”- a great song. I doubt he’ll be back in the bottom this week…that save probably bought him 3 or 4 weeks! Deal!

Katie: Is really mediocre. I mean, she sings well…but she’s the female version of Tim. She could have mass appeal (because she’s THAT beige) but she pales in comparison to others on this show. She decided to ignore Lambert’s advice to amke her voice sound grittier and angry…which wouldve helped.

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