The Voice: Monday June 21

22 06 2011

I havent talked too much about The Voice, but of course, I’m so watching it.

Now that it is in the later stages of competition, the cream is rising to the top – and last night, I finally saw some talent that could be viable commercial superstars. I was unsure in the earlier rounds.

My Favourites last night were:

Nakia – singing Adam Lambert and rocking it. He has a fantastic voice that can do rock, blues, soul… and he is memorable.

Dia – last week she took a Kanye West song down to the roots and WOWed me, this week she did the same with an REM song, Losing my Religion. I absolutely LOVE this girl, I think she has an Indie flair but the pure talent (ans stage) to be HUGE!

Beverly– is a massive personality, and a massive talent. Power vocals like Etheridge, shock factor like O’Connor.

Javier Colon – I am in love with his voice. He does great thigns with it, the songs he chooses are perfect for his range and stylings, last night he took on Fix You by Coldplay – a powerful melodic ballad, and his voice was like butter.

Vicci – had a prime spot, right after a very low key performance by Xenia – she amped it up and got the crowd into it. SHe’s a bit of a darkhorse, never really remembered her until tonight. She has the art of performance wrapped up, she’s a full package girl.

Those were my favourites… The standouts for me, the rest were also good:

Frenchie Davis – is getting alot of respect for her pipes, and I liked that she did something different last night. I still miss something with Frenchie, I don’t know what it is. Sorry, can’t put my finger on it, I just don’t LOVE her.

Casey Weston – was kind of a shocker vote for me by Adam – he chose her over two other very talented guys in his group to move forward. She has a unique vibrato and a very pretty voice, but I also don’t LOVE her. Nothing super “new” in my opinion.

Xenia- still suffering with crippling shyness, maybe this isnt her time. She needs to amture a bit and be able to handle extreme pressure and come out on top.


Based on their perfomances last night, who will make the final 4?



DWTS Elimination: April 12th

13 04 2011

Another axe fell on DWTS last night.

The first elimination was obvious, the second was warranted, now the third is over with no real surprises.

This week, it was really a toss up between Sugar Ray and Kendra in my approximation – Sugar Ray with the  lack of talent, and Kendra with the uncalled for ‘tude.

The drama machine that is DWTS pitted the Top judges score (and ‘dance of the night’) Chelsea and Mark with the 2 bottom dwellers, Kendra and Sugar Ray.

Kendra was released early, leaving Sugar Ray and Chelsea waiting for the red glow of elimination. In the end, Sugar Ray was eliminated (not shockingly) and Chelsea lives to see another week. That’s right,  she’s got one more week to try and hang on to Mark since idol ‘it’ girl Pia Toscano swooped in!

Any surprises? Were you expecting a different result? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Bachelor Finale : March 14

14 03 2011

Big night for Bachelor fans. The biggest night… Bachelor Finale night.

That’s right…it’s final decision time. No more giving out roses, no more group dates, no more hot tub parties and cocktail soirees.

But I won’t prolong this. Brad chose Emily.

He chose the real grown up relationship over the sexy, fun relationship (and trust fund).

It will be interesting to see if this lasts. I truly hope it does. I was an Emily-fan from day one, and her story broke my heart…she is genuine and classy, and I wonder if she doesnt deserve more. But what do I know? Brad may be just as sincere and ready to man-up as he preaches. Like I said, I seriously hope so… and if not, US magazine is ready to run the story.

Cheers to the happy, ‘very real’, couple.


Bachelor Monday: February 28

28 02 2011

Bachelor Mondays are getting sparse as we get down to the final Rose!

Tonight, Brad flew his 3 women to South Africa ‘to fall in love’… and see hippos.

Before we move further, the Bachelor Drinking Game words of the evening were “I want to be very real here‘. Get ready to bottoms up!

First date: Chantel

They go on a Safari…surprise- surprise in South Africa. They saw Lions and rhinos and giraffes (oh my!) and had a picnic by the hippo habitat. Sorry, I know…it wasn’t a zoo… but it was a controlled space, and the man with the gun wasn’t going to let anything happen. But of course, Chantel put her ‘faith’ in Brad and felt ‘safe’. C’est L’amour!

Chantel also gets the Overnight Invite. This girl was READY for a tumble in the Jungle. I mean seriously. She wanted to skip dinner, and was probably slightly disappointed when Brad showed her their sleeping quarters. A treetop abode…with no bathroom that I could see. really?! No HoJo in all of Jo-Berg? Just sayin.

Second Date: Emily

After a terribly unromantic hometown date… this had better get steamy, really fast for her to compete with Chantel. Brad brings the sexy with an Elephant ride and another picnic.

At dinner, Emily ALMOSt forgos the Overnight invite and takes a ‘moral stand as a mother’… but gives in. NOT because she wants action, but because she wants to ‘talk’ more with Brad. Please woman, I think you’ve sucked every ounce of vocabulary out of this man… there is no talking left. At least SHE got a room with plumbing for their ‘night of intense conversation and banter’.

Third Date: Ashley

This date started off the same way it ALWAYS starts off with Ashley… giggles, over the top flirtation and pretending to be afraid of something. All good fun…until. HEaven forbid, Brad asked a question about the future, and Ashley could not string together a satisfactory answer. In this case, I saved you from drunken peril by NOT making the drinking words either:  ‘like’ ‘uhhhh’ or ‘y’anno’ .

It carried into dinner, where Brad resorted to talking about the bugs, commenting on the food and sinking into self deprecation. Not that it dissuaded him from giving her ‘the card’. Such a guy. Make up sex will make it all better. Sigh. She of course perks up out of her hissy mood , but it doesn’t last long they retire in awkward silence.

So the Rose ceremony was precluded by intimate videos from the girls to Brad. Chantel said she loves him, Emily says she’s falling for him, and Ashley says … I’m sick of this.

At the Rose Ceremony, Brad takes Ashley aside and breaks up with her. The whole thing was so childish, Ashley could not answer straight questions about where she saw her future…and Brad didnt want to ruin a chance to get some in Africa. So he let her go, to pursue other goals…like becoming the next Bachelorette or joining the cast of DWTS.

Betty and Veronica remain. Chantel vs Emily.

Women Tell All next week, and the week after is the big finale where BRad has promised….he WILL choose a wife.

American Idol: Top 24

24 02 2011

After a cumulative 3 hours of walking the American Idol plank, Steven Tyler psych outs, and a weepy J-Lo… We finally have our Top 24!

You know I’m no good with names. I’m terrible with names… it’s a birth defect. So here is your list of 24 BY NAME… it does nothing for me until I see them perform next week.

  1. Naima Adedapo
  2. Haley Reinhart
  3. Clint Jun Gamboa
  4. Paul McDonald
  5. Ashthon Jones
  6. Karen Rodriguez
  7. Robbie Rosen
  8. Julie Zorrilla
  9. Tim Halperin
  10. Scotty McCreery
  11. Tatynisa Wilson
  12. Jovany Barreto
  13. Lauren Turner
  14. Rachel Zevita
  15. Kendra Chantelle
  16. Jordan Dorsey
  17. Lauren Alaina
  18. Stefano Langone
  19. Jacob Lusk
  20. Pia Toscano
  21. James Durbin
  22. Casey Abrams
  23. Thia Megia
  24. Brett Loewenstern

Did you catch that?

Keep it on file for later… my favourites have already been expressed… do you have yours yet?

American Idol: February 23

24 02 2011

From Hollywood week, to Vegas week… This season of American Idol is a serious competition!

Say what you want about it…. but the cream is forced to rise to the top, and the weak have no backing anymore.

Gone are the days where the cute, charismatic youngin’ makes it through to the Top 32 and gets the tween vote into the Top 12. It was terrible TV, it was a waste of talent, and it was an embarrassment to the franchise.

So scrap that possibility, and bring in WEEKS of pre-competition. The contestants have been put in groups, had countless solo auditions, and now… another round.

Nigel is so pumped to FINALLY have the Beatles catalogue that he decides to milk it dry. First, he whisked the contestant from a perfectly acceptable Hollywood studio, to a tricked out Vegas theatre with props and pyrotechnics! He brought in stalin-esque vocal coaches to help the contestants, and a few recording producers to critique.

That may have been over the top, and verging on overkill… but I forgot about it all once the performances began. The Beatles music is timeless. A good song is a good song any day of the week. Each song provides the opportunity to belt it out, inject some soul, be bluesy, go whitney, harmonize, show personality, rock out Steven-style… there is no ‘wrong song’.

This round really helped me make some tough decisions about my own favourites… I’ve picked the winner almost every season (minus, of course, the Jordin Sparks debacle). So far, I’ve got my eye on a few… particularly Paul McDonald, Casey Abrahms, Clint, Haley Reinhart, Jacob, James Durban, Lauren Alaina, Tim Haperin and Thia Magia.

Ofc ourse the SHOCKER of the night as advertised… J-Lo breaks down into the ugly cry. Why? Because they told  Cinderella story Chris Medina he was NOT in the Top 24! Harsh! I get it, only the best make it through…but this guy had a voice to match his heart. It’s not like he was a bad singer, or even an average singer…he was a GOOD singer, and lesser contestants will likely make it and sing a god-awful rendition of Stevie Wonder in the first round.

so yes, it was disappointing… why not make a slight concession and make a Top 25? They have built this story since day one, it’s like the hero dying in a movie (I will never forgive the Lion King!)… it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.

So tonight, more cuts will be made in the ‘hanger’. Will our favourites stick around?

The Bachelor Monday: February 21

21 02 2011

My favourite Bachelor episode… Home town dates.


Because I’m a major voyeur. This is exactly why Reality TV appeals to me…I want to see how other people live. I know how I live…and I for one would NEVER want cameras to capture my monday nights. But I get such satisfaction from seeing OTHER people’s monday nights…without them knowing I’m there.

Freud me as much as you want… but tonight was a heck of a night to be a voyeur.

Brad went to each girls hometown, met family and got a snapshot of what he would ‘inherit’ with a proposal.

First: Chantel O

Girl is LOADED! WEll, at least, her parents are…the house alone was intimidating for a guy to walk into. Not to mention, the fact that her mother has obviously spent a fair amount on… ‘upgrades’, and her father pretends that he knows what it’s like to be poor and working class. Right. Overall, the date went well – Chantel is charming, and has it all together.

Second: Ashley

Lives so” North East”…she can see Canada from her house! Not only that, those French Canadian influences have crossed the border, and she indulges Brad in the delicacy… Poutine. THis girl is seriously small town… if you can believe it, she and Brad chose the lobsters they would eat for dinner with the Family…fresh. Her family seems very much liek the average family… perhaps a little too excited, but cameras will do that to people.

Third: Shawntel

Ok. We’ve all had bad dates. We’ve all had dates take a sour turn. But I think it’s safe to say that none of us have had a date take such a macabre tone than meeting and touring a Mausoleum. Shawntel is going to re-watch this episode and want to take her own life…it was that bad. When you take a scalpel to your dates navel… things aren’t going to end well. Too bad, at least the girl has a ‘real job’ and her family doesn’t have a house in the south of France.

Fourth: Emily

The one we’ve been waiting for… Brad meets Ricky. It was really  nice to see Emily’s mother instincts in their natural environment…so cute to hear her pet names, and trying to explain who ‘Mr Brad’ is, and why he brought her a kite. Lame! It was definitely awkward at first… Brad isn’t great with words, and apparently Ricky can’t be paid to act for the camera. But there was a bit of a breakthrough in the end… this gives Emily a surge ahead in the running me thinks!

Rose Ceremony:

Brad gives a rose to: Ashley, Emily (he would’ve been a HEEL if he hadn’t!) and Chantel O.

Not surprising. The funeral home date was a depressing glimpse of the future… and her Dad wasn’t giving her up to Austin Texas in the drop of a hat. An easy choice in the end.

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