DWTS: Monday, April 4th

5 04 2011

I have returned from my vacation – and I’m back to TV commentary as per usual. Thanks for sticking with me, and watching TV with such dedication in my absence.

Ok, Let’s talk about Dancing with the Stars on monday night. The biggest upset came at the end of the night, but we’ll get there… stay with me!

First of all, it was another theme night: Personal Stories. This made me groan, I knew I was in for emotional tales of struggle, perseverance and tragedy. I wasnt wrong.

Wendy Williams gave her story of how hard it was to work in radio and get to where she is. She aint Oprah… now THAT’S a story! Her dance was equally as lacklustre and painful to watch.

Chelsea shared her story of ‘first love’… how her beau wrote a song for her and performed it at a rock show. That’s not her story, that’s every tween Disney movie ever made. But of course, she pulled out huge numbers from the judges for her performance, what are the chances she and Mark are an item by middle of the season? I think high.

Romeo had a really sad story to share about the death of both his cousins as small children. He also decided to don real dance shoes, and it gave him a new elegance. Good dance, good scores.

Kendra apparantly got ‘hated on’ by everyone in the world becase of her relationship with marginal football player, Hank Baskett. Right. People care that much. Anyhoo… she has a ridiculously cute baby and her husband got his cameo. She brought her sexy back with a steamy performance.

Sugar Ray cant stop talking about boxing. Now he’s even incorporating the moves into his dancing, and I for one think it comes across tacky- like BUzz aldrin dancing to Fly Me to the Moon. The judges however seemed to enjoy it.

Petra is starting to win me over. She is actually using her long limbs to her advantage, and performed an absolutly beautiful dance on monday. She could be a dark horse.

Chris Jericho performed a tribute to his mother – and it was actually a little bit moving to watch. He isnt graceful, he isnt skillful yet… but he has some potential.

Hines is my favourite so far. He also has a great and inspirational story of success and finding the ‘American Dream’. His mom was in the audience, and he danced the you-know-what out of his rumba.

KirstyAlley had the moment of the night. Or rather, Maks had the moment of the night. He collapsed during the intro of the dance and winced his way through the remainder. It was painful to watch, but unbelievable considering! If you missed it, dont worry. The piece will be shown ad nauseum for the rest of the season.

Ralph is still a geeky little teenager inside a geeky little adults body. But it’s cute. He payed tribute to his wife of 24 years (awww!) with a dance not unlike a wedding dance. Adorable.

Who will stand under the red light of elimination  tonight?


American Idol: Top 13

10 03 2011

I love a good two hour American Idol show on a hump-day wednesday.

The weather was aweful (I don’t live in Cali), and the commute was a direct reflection of the circumstances. But I got home JUST in time, for the start of the Top 13  show.

First note, they are going with more broad themes, and adding some professional experience to the process. I like it. For example, this week was ‘Your Idols’ week, whereby each contestant chose a song performed by their own personal idols. This opened the door for a wider range of genre, and a better pool of songs to select from.

Nigel also enlisted the help/advice from legendary …or at least long standing, record producers to gudie the contestants this week. I feel like this really boosted the performances. It certainly helped the song choices. No more shmultzy tired overdone songs… are the contestants getting better or is the advice that good?

As usual, there were highlights and lowlights…but far less lowlights than the norm for this stage in the game.


  • Jacob
  • Casey
  • Pia
  • Stefano
  • James
  • Scotty
  • Naima


  • Paul
  • Thia
  • lauren
  • Ashthon
  • Haley

In my opinion. (please, don’t send the death threats…I don’t read them)

The true stand outs were the front runners: Casey, James, Jacob and Pia.

I loved the range – from Celine Dion to Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker to Rihanna. It was great to hear who the contestants model their careers and styles after.

So who goes home first?

I think Paul is (unfortunately) on teh bubble. He chose a relatively unknown song, and is starting to look kind of goofy on stage.  I also think that Thia and Lauren could be candidates for the axe based on lacklustre performances last night.


Bachelor Monday: January 24th

24 01 2011

The only thing good about a Monday, is The Bachelor… are you with me?

Today, I woke up far too early, to weather that was far too cold to a day that was far too long.

So yes, The Bachelor was the best part of this particular January 24th.

Let’s get to it then!
What are the Bachelor Drinking Game words of the week? Scary, and Real

The first one-one date was with an early front runner, Chantel O. I can’t say why, but Brad and Chantel have a bit of a ‘real’ thing happening. He seems to really hint that he really likes this girl, I dont know why, and I dont see her charm. BUT, we all know my theory… He likes the brunettes. So- their date went very well, they spent the night cuddling and talking about how ‘real’ their relationship is. (Shot.) She gets a rose.

Oh, and before we go on… Crazy Michelle woke up with a black eye. No explanation BUT it came in handy as a reason get some much needed attention from Brad.


The group date – the ladies all visit a radio show where Dr Drew makes even more $$ off  emotionally unstable semi-celebs with no discernible future past this 15 minutes. The girls ‘opened’ up about their relationship issues and their concern over Brad’s relationship issues. Blah, blah… it doesnt matter WHAT the group date is, it always ends up in the hot tub. That’s where the true drama bubbles to the surface. And the ‘tag-I’m it!’ dating comes into play. It seems like these girls literally say two words this ‘future husband’ once every 4 days… what an insane show this is! A shy blonde girl gets a rose.

Crazy Michelle got the final one-one date. She revealed (faked) a fear of heights as they repelled down a building and into a pool. She gets a rose.

At the Rose ceremony, Chantel gets very emotional over Brads gesture to Emily. She breaks down and tells him that she didnt know she would feel this way. Really? You didnt think that seeing your ‘future husband’ have a relationship with 20 other girls wouldnt affect you? They didnt prep you at your casting call?

Relax. you have a rose.

So 3 other ‘who the heck are they?’ girls went home, and Crazy Michelle remains.

She is totally necessary to the plot line, if we lost her…there would be no show. You don’t think the producers know that?

Bachelor Monday Recap

17 01 2011

January 17th- the most depressing day of the year, also happened to fall on Bachelor Monday. Convenient.

Tonight’s Bachelor Drinking game words are: Open Up. (minds out of the gutter people…PG)

It was Brad’s week to tear down the walls of the women (with the help of his spiritual advisor/shrink) to get to know them better, and make them ‘open up’ to him. And they did… never fails, ask a woman to talk and she will. Simple as that.

First, He had a 1-1 date with the Nanny. She’s perky, cute, doesn’t add much to a conversation…so obviously, I think she’s a front runner. They go to a recording studio where they sing Seal songs, then listen to the real Seal sell a record…I mean, perform. It was a total coincidence that Seal happened to have special sentimental meaning to The Nanny… life is spontaneous like that.

She got a rose.

Next- the Group date. Another group filming session, where the girls got to act tough and wear spandex. There was a lot of high kicks and stolen kisses. And the Nutjob Michelle got her first kiss with Brad. So did a lot of other girls…much to her dismay. Yep, she’s this year’s creeper villain-ess… meaning, she’ll be sticking around for the next few weeks to keep it interesting.

Last, Blonde Emily got her one on one… and she needed it. You see, there’s something she hasnt told Brad, and it’ HEAVY stuff. The love of her life died in a plane crash, and left her with-child 5 years ago. yikes. Brad wonders why she hasnt ‘opened up’ (shot!) to him…but then regrets asking. Actually, he felt an ‘intense’ connection after hearing that, and now Emily is officially a front-runner, and shoo-in for the next Bachelorette if this doesnt work out.

The Rose Ceremony was a tall drink of drama. From Michelle stealing Brad, to girls threatening to leave, to one actually acting on it… it was lively. That’s right, The Fang girl decided to shed her ‘character’ and give up her time for other girls. To me, this is a selfless act that should be praised…but no doubt, she’ll be painted as a quitter. If this show is supposed to accurately portray the dating world (ha!) – sometimes, girls just arent that into you… enough to steal your time from girls who are crying into their pillows over you. It makes sense to me.

So… only 2 girls didn’t get a rose tonight… two blonde girls. He likes the dark haired ladies I’ve noticed. Remember, both of his final two girls from his last stint were dark… and he seems to be dropping the blondes like small change this season too.

An entertaining evening, enough to get me through the ‘most depressing‘ day of the year… it’s all uphill from here!


Greys Anatomy Recap

13 01 2011

If you PVR’d Greys Anatomy tonight… hurry up and watch it!

I love my Thursday night TV!

Tonight, a new crop of med studients arrived at Seattle Grace, Meredith is still trying to get pregnant (what celeb isnt these days?) Yang is back to her old self, and Bailey has herself a boy-toy!

Oh… and there’s a little twist to the plotline moving forward.

Hurry up and watch your PVR… because I’m about to reveal the big ‘ending shocker’.

It’s a baby!

No, not Meredith and Derek… Cally and Mark.

But he doesnt know yet… that’s where next weeks episode gets interesting. The only person she told was her Ex- girlfriend, who left because she DIDNT want children, and came back to try and patch up the relationship. So… what’s she gonna do?

Oh….Greys Anatomy.

Survivor Recap

17 11 2010

Another strategic overhaul on tonight’s Survivor.

King Sasha and Queen Brenda rule the roost after last week’s usurping of Marty. But court jester Nayonka would have NONE of that. And as much as I’ve blogged my dislike of Nay… she does NOT back down from ‘powerplays’ as she calls them, infact, she actively seeks them out no matter the risk.

She also doesnt shrivel up at Tribal council, she lays it all out on the table…and somehow, has managed to keep enough friends to stay afloat in this game.

Tonight, She devised a plan to take out Brenda and shared it with the group. Now, that may NOT have been the smartest idea, because little minion Chase went straight to the Queen with this intelligence. Still, enough people want brenda gone (giving them another week of ‘fighting chance’) that the plan doesnt completely erupt until Tribal council. And Brenda thinks she’s totally safe because King Sasha has promised her the idol if he feels she is ‘unsafe’.This season, Tribal is the time to air all the dirty laundry and make your final attempt to stay in the game and push someone ELSE under the bus. And the game evolves once again!

Brenda calls out Nay, Nay calls out Chase, and everyone else exchanges furtive glances.

Here’s where Brenda needed to be more specific to the Idol terms. When exactly does ‘unsafe’ apply? Because apparantly Sasha didnt get that unsafe’ vibe from the tribe, and decided to keep the idol.

Brenda voted out.

The most appropriate closing line for Brenda should’ve been “Let them eat cake‘. The Queen has been de-throned.

Mid-Season TV Polls

12 11 2010

Who doesn’t love a good poll? (sigh…insert your own dirty joke here…)

As the days get shorter, and the weather gets colder… there comes a point when Award shows start cropping up left, right and centre – so I thought the TV NIght readers could get in on the fun of ‘voting’ for their favourites.

The results are always interesting… so cast your votes in the polls below!






Have a great weekend TV Night fans… Watch for my Poll analysis next week!

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