TV Tidbits: February 2

2 02 2012

Every once and awhile, we pause from our recapping to discuss TV news and related topics of interest.

There has been a lot going on lately –

First, let’s talk about The X Factors axing more than HALF of their ‘cast’. Nicole, gone. Paula, gone. That host guy, gone.

Simon’s hand of God hath struck them down. In my opinion, it’s a fantastic move. Neither of those people were right for the job. Nicole had no credentials, she struggled with voicing her opinion (aka she didnt really have one) and she crumbled under the weight of responsibility. She also made small children cry. Paula is a trainwreck who’s ‘groups’ were eliminated first from the show… giving her no real purpose for being there.

We don’t need to talk about ‘The Host’. God awful.

So Simon cleans house – personally, since Idol did the same, their judging panel has been stronger and much more effective. I’m going to throw something out there. What if these shows cleaned house after every season, and gave celebrity judges one year/season and then brought in new ones? The buzz and the hype would be amazing… similar to that of ‘casting’ a new DWTS or Celebrity Apprentice every year. The unknown stirs up attention. I dont think ANY judging panel should stay the same year after year… it’s boring.


Can we talk a little bit about the Fear Factor thing? I wont dwell on it…becuase even the thought of it makes me want to ralph my breakfast. So Fear Factor is known for pushing the limits, particularly int he second stunt where eating live bugs or intestinal byproducts are the norm.

How far is TOO far? Well, apparently drinking donkey semen is one step over the line. The show was PULLED this week because the second stun was… that. There are some things I dont want to watch on TV. That would actually be close to the top of my list. Repulsive. However, I’m pretty sure you can expect it in the next installment of Jackass.


Let’s talk about shows coming back: We’ve got  The Voice getting the primo slot right after the Superbowl. Same judges, same format… show of hands that thought this show would last through it’s first season? Thought so. This season, it’s up against Idol, interesting to see how it compares and how it fares in ratings.

Celebrity Apprentice likes to announce it’s cast niiiice and early to start capitalizing on the hype. We heard the cast announcement weeks ago… and we still have to wait another 2.5 weeks for the premiere. Highlights will be Lisa Lampanelli, George Takei and Clay Aiken, Adam Corrolla, Twisted Sister… running bake sales in NY. I love it, such great TV.

Survivor is two weeks away. Yep, I still watch and thoroughly invest time  in that show. This season, Redemption Island is gone (too bad, I was really fond of that new aspect), no ‘former palyers’ are returning (thank goodness) and the teams will both share one island! Oooh, intrigue!


Oh Canada! It was announced last week that The Bachelor Franchise would be spreading… to Canada. Yes, we’ve had Canadian Idol, SYTYCD Canada, we’re now getting a piece of the America’s Got Talent and Bachelor pie. Both are getting ready to be casted and aired in Canada this season. We know what to expect from both. Canada’s Got Talent has a pretty interesting judging panel (might even be better than the American counterpart… even WITH newbie Howard Stern). The Canadian contingent will include: Martin Short, Measha Brueggergosman, songwriter Stephan Moccio and TV host Dina Pugelise.

The Bachelor Canada was just announced, casting has just begun, even the location has not been decided as of yet. We know it’ll be shot in Toronto (no big surprise) and likely in a big ol’ mansion in the Bridle Path. And to answer your question, no, I will not be auditioning as the ‘lonely blogger looking for love’.

Lastly – I changed the TV Night banner… did you notice?


Monday Night TV FAIL!

29 11 2011

Total FAIL.

A Monday night without good TV, is just a monday night. Kinda like being in prison. Doesnt matter what day it is, you’re in prison. That’s what it felt like to me last night. There was NOTHING on…

I guess that’s not true. I’ll get a ton of hate mail saying that the finale of The Sing Off was on, and the premiere of the new ‘game show’ You Deserve It was on, and A Very Shrek Christmas (or whatever) was on….

I’m now going to tell you why I ended up watching a Storage Wars marathon INSTEAD of these other offerings.

The Sing Off… was a mistake. It is a great filler show for the Holidays or the Summer… but it cannot go up against the likes of DWTS, and other Monday night heavyweights in the awme way that SYTYCD has transitioned. That show is an anomally not a rule. The Sing Off… I watched the first 2 or 3 minutes and I couldnt take anymore. Nick Lachey is completely inadequate as the host. Thats the first thing you notice. Then you slowly slip back into the tired old format where 2 male and 1 female ex-D listers with ‘credentials’ judge each act and overuse words like “amazing” “this is what this show is all about”.

Once you get tired of that, you are exhausted by the video pieces that show each group and their sobstory-backstories. I found myself actually chuckling when the group pretended to’get involved’ in the Trevor Project, and one chorus member shared her deepest darkest memory of Bullying… when she used to get called…. Tall.
Kids can be so cruel.

At any rate, I couldnt get past those 3, very tired, worn out cliches that take away from the entertainment value.

Now, as if I really need to explain myself about why I didnt tune in to even the opening seconds of the new show You Deserve It. You’ve seen the previews right? You get the general idea? In the warm glow of Holiday Spirit, contestants compete in a game show to win money for a needy cause/person. Right away, I know there are going to be lots of tears (which I personally find uncomfortable to watch on TV), alot of heartfelt speeches (which I find even more uncomfortable and time-consuming) and probably not alot of actual ‘game show’. Also, did I mention, it is hosted by ABC’s new Seacrest… Chris Harrison. Yes, of Bachelor ‘fame’.

Honestly, if you know me at all… you know I love a good game show. I’ll watch them all day every day….I can even tolerate Family Feud and their terrible history of bad hosting decisions. However, I hate when game shows try to become MORE than what they are. Keep it simple. Jeopardy is my favourite for that very reason… question + answer = win. But what leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth is the over produced, over hosted, over sentimental shmultz that seems to end up in most of them… think Deal or No Deal… it slowly suffocated to death in it’s own shmultz.

So there – and no, it’s not even Dec. 1 so I refuse to watch a Christmas special. Shrek or no Shrek.

What did YOU watch last night?

Greys Anatomy November 10th

11 11 2011

At this point, we all know Greys Anatomy can be the best show on TV when it wants to be.

No other show can produce such heart wrenching drama, jaw dropping moments, and memorable scenes. Particularly during Sweeps, or season premieres/finales – Greys Anatomy can hit some serious out of the park grand slam episodes.

Last night, it delievered once again. The writers are so unafraid to go into some seriously dark situations and make you think about life differently.

There were 2 scenarios that kept you on the edge of your seat (couch) all hour long.

1. Meredith and Derek get the news that Zola will not be returned to them. Meredith goes out with Carev to save a premature baby with breathing complications. It’s a dangerous mission because the baby is so small, and requires an intubator to keep it safe on the trip between hospitals. In the pouring rain, in the middle of the night… the hospital van breaks down and the driver runs to get halp leaving the two in a ticking timebomb as the van has stopped right in the middle of a road. Deserate to save the baby, Carev and Merdith hold tight… but are sent flying as a crash occurs. They wrap the baby and head out… the final scene shows three or 4 people lying on the road, and another van on fire beside them. Gut wrenching.

2. at the end of  the last episide, Teddys husband is rushed to the ER throwing up blood. Teddy is totally involved, but cannot be the surgeon. She wants Yang to do the life saving procedure, but the decision is NOT to reveal who the patient is… allowing Yang to do her best work without emotional implications. Yang goes in overconfident and blase. After a huge complication, other surgeons try desperately to revive the patient… but Henry is decalred dead on the table! Owen then has to tell Yang who she was working on… can you imagine the horror?

Owen cannot bring himself to tell Teddy her husband died… but you won’t be able to keep that secret for long.

This is the last episode for a long time, after the holidays I assume… Holy cliff hanger Batman! Not that I’m surprised, these shows are notorious for taking long breaks. But if it menas they are going to coninue to bang out amazing television as a result? Take the time you need Greys, I’ll be here waiting for when you return…


SYTYCD Top 8: July 27

28 07 2011

The Top 8 performed on last night’s SYTYCD, and now is the time when it starts to get very difficult for me.

I love these dancers, I love watching them every week. I wish the show wasnt a competition, I wish the premise was finding 8 amazing dancers and watching them dance with no one ever getting cut.

Last night’s show in particular, was probably one of the best 2-hours of competition TV i’ve seen…ever. It’s hard to watch THIS show and then transition into watching DWTS, because it doesnt compare.

Also, last night we were graced on the panel with Director of Chicago and Moulin Rouge, Rob Marshall and the… i-have-no-words-to-describe-her, Lady Gaga. She is the female version of a 1970’s Elton John no? Last night she was in a a Psychedelic Military Smurf get up. But honestly, i hang on every word she says. She has such a unique way of expressing herself and showing her feelings artistically. She was honest, and that’s all you can ask for.  Great panel.

Let’s get to the dancing! (each contestant had 2 dances)

dance 1: a quirky quickstep with Pasha. Beautiful, precise, charasmatic. The judges loved it and are starting the night off with ‘you’re my favourite dancer’…too soon?

dance 1: A contemporary with Neil, showing off her greatest strenghts. Her lines, he reckless abandon, her soul. She is a beautiful dancer and her passion for giving 100% and beyond is so evident in everything she does. She is by far, the most talented dancer of the bunch, and has never fallen from that position.

dance 1: Hip Hop – I wasnt a fan. She performed it ‘ok’, but as Gaga said, she really has to let go of her ‘this is a dance competition’ approach. She has never given me something to write home about or get excited for, and i feel like this dance was just medicre… she will get eaten alive by the rest of the dancers.

dance 1: Jazz with Ade. A great partnership, I loved seeing Ade again! I know Iknow, i am supposed to be watching Jordan. She has almost elastic legs, which makes her very interesting to observe – and probably a choreographers dream. Gaga loves her- i think more because of her confidence and overt sexuality.

dance 1: ballroom with Anja. This was a bit of a trainwreck for me. Again, Gaga said it right…it felt more DWTS than SYTYCD at times. Anja is such a strong female All-Star that Ricky looked like he was just treading water beside her brilliance. I think he showed his weakness in this competition, and could be in some danger tonight as a result.

dance 1: Jazz. A slick (or sick)  jazz number depicting two criminals doing a job. It was full of great character work, interesting MJ-esque moves and overall…it was just really cool. I’ve been saying all along that Tadd is a guy to watch, he is GREAT at what he does, and able to adapt to every dance thrown at him.

dance 1: A lyrical Hip Hop a la Nappy Tabs. (just a question…are there any other hip hop choreographers who might be talented enough to give it a shot on this show? I mean…really.) It was a very nice story, and Jesse really put his heart and soul into it. Jesse has long been one of my favourite dancers, but i’m not sure he was given enough to WOW people this week.

dance 1: Sonja contemporary. This dance saved the guys. Until this point, the girls had badly outshined the guys… but Marko’s dance was beautiful and raw. It brogh the panel to tears, and to make the water works worse, his mom came all the way from Guam to see him dance. Marko is the best male dancer in the Top 8, and I dont think he’ll have trouble making Top 6 (or 2).

Second dances-

Tadd/Caitlynn: Foxtrot. It was….nice. It was the least memorable dance of the evening, not much to say. I dont think it helps eith of them in their quest to make Top 6.

Ricky/Marko: Hip Hop. Watered down with all the props and gimicks… but still a pretty memorable dance for the two of them. They both danced it well, I dont think it will save Ricky from a bottom two spot.

Jordan/Jess: Rhumba.  Two totally different dancers, and the pairing just didnt work for me. I felt contrived and ‘this is a dance compteition piece’. There was no emotionall connection and even the choreography didnt really fit the song. Not a great way to end the night for either dancer.

Melanie/Sasha: A sonja contemporary with Melanie. The last dance of the night, and it brought the entire house to the floor. Unbelievable strength, power and dynamic performance form these two…it also brought upon the moment of the night: Gage Throwing her shoe as a sign of respect for the dance. And we can’t go without mentioning the shoe. It was a red leather, 12 inch heel. ’nuff said.

The Tony Awards 2011

13 06 2011

Yes, I was watching the Tony Awards instead of the NBA finals last night.

Don’t judge.

It was the hottest ticket in town last night – hosted by the perrennial-professional-host and child-star-turned-song-and-dance man: Neil Patrick Harris.

There was alot of song and dance,  alot of Angela Landsbury lovin’, alot of tears gushing, dreams realized, War Horse sighitngs, Spiderman Bashing, Bono cringing, unrehearsed (rehearsed) speeches, and dancing airline attendants.

See what you missed?

It was fabulous – NPH killed the opening number with a toungue in cheek reference to the night being ‘Gay’ – it was appropriate, funny and theatrical (take some notes Tracey Morgan…gay jokes CAN be in jest, and taken with a chuckle) You know who also killed the opneing? Rather murdered it…Brooke Shields. She tries so darn hard doesnt she? But she copletely flubbed her ‘ad lib’ twice…and gave up, grabbing her notes to finally save her.

Great to see Angela Landsbury (the legend…), Not sure why Al Pacino is looking more and more like a head-band wearing jungle vigilant, and I assume that the full grizzly beards on Alec Baldwin and Robin Williams are…”for a role”, Whoopi never disappoints with her fashion sensabilities, and is it just me…or does Daniel Radcliffe never look older than 13?

There were some big winners: How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, Book of Mormon, The Normal Heart and Catch Me if You Can did well.

One of the dullest performaces of the evening was the Spiderman preview. I mean, so much hype, so much press, so much potential investors and theatre goers in the crowd and watching on TV… I wanna see some flying!

My favourites of the night were Catch Me if You Can, How to Suceed, and Sister Act – all brought the house down.

The Book of Mormon ended up walking away with the most hardware – which means we’ll probably never hear about it again until it becomes a ‘Revival’.


What did you think of the awards? Best performances, Worst performances…?

DWTS Elimination: May 10

11 05 2011

No,  I didnt watch the marathon 2 hours of the DWTS elimination show.

I did tune in for the Adele performance (still love her…) and tuned right OUT when Michael Bolton made his DWTS comeback (still hate him…).

And of course, the most important aspect to tune in for… The actual elimination.

I was sure that Ralphs injury would force him into the bottom, and I was equally sure that Romeo would see the red light LAST week, therefore – he should be in the bottom THIS week. And he was.

In the end, Ralphs fans want to see him bounce-back (although, I’m not confident that he won’e bow out early due to the lagging injury).

Romeo was eliminated from DWTS.

Thoughts? Should Ralph take a step back?

DWTS Elimination: April 12th

13 04 2011

Another axe fell on DWTS last night.

The first elimination was obvious, the second was warranted, now the third is over with no real surprises.

This week, it was really a toss up between Sugar Ray and Kendra in my approximation – Sugar Ray with the  lack of talent, and Kendra with the uncalled for ‘tude.

The drama machine that is DWTS pitted the Top judges score (and ‘dance of the night’) Chelsea and Mark with the 2 bottom dwellers, Kendra and Sugar Ray.

Kendra was released early, leaving Sugar Ray and Chelsea waiting for the red glow of elimination. In the end, Sugar Ray was eliminated (not shockingly) and Chelsea lives to see another week. That’s right,  she’s got one more week to try and hang on to Mark since idol ‘it’ girl Pia Toscano swooped in!

Any surprises? Were you expecting a different result? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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