End of a 2-week Love in….

1 03 2010

I tried to keep up— it’s hard to encapsulate an entire 12 hours of thrill and olympic stories every night on a blog, even harder to try and sum it up after the conclusion. But you know I will always try!

So I have pulled together some of my favourite or note-worthy moments…so read, enjoy, and remember all the fun we had in the past 2 weeks!

Winning Moments:

  • Police close Yonge, Canada’s biggest street, for an impromptu ball hockey tourney after gold medal win!
  • The Bobsled ladies cute dance on the podium and the short track speedskaters Cobra pose
  • The Bilodeau Brother…Canada’s favourite fan!
  • Jon Montgomery walking the streets of Whistler, and showing off his day-job skill- auctioning off a ‘golden pitcher of beer’
  • Was there a more expressive win than Scott Virtue after their short program…? Who says we are mild mannered people…!
  • After winning the GOLD in mens hockey, the ‘boys’ carried around Canada’s largest flag-on-a-stick. Better than a Stanley Cup.
  • Clara Hughes has a conniption…after her team mate Kristina Groves wins Bronze!
  • Best piece of Olympic Footage all 17 days…Marianne St Gelais watching her boyfriend win gold in Short Track. If you haven’t seen it…find it….it’s more thrilling than the race.
  • Clara Hughes gets her 6th Olympic medal…immediately donates all her winnings to Right to Play…class act.


Displays of Canadiana:

  • Impromptu anthem sing- alongs… at curling matches.
  • People voluntarily wearing flashing antlers at closing ceremonies
  • Those HBC outfits…just, wow. Talk about free product promotion…everyone and their dog had a Canada hat, sweater or puffy vest.
  • The fog horn that went off in Whistler Village every time Canada stuck gold!
  • Prime minister Harper played Polka-roo for 2 weeks…popping up everywhere! (While Obama was delivering a healthcare speech…he was at a hockey game, we’ve got healthcare taken care of in this country…)
  • The guy down the street from me with a light display of Olympic rings, and the medal count…seriously, Russians may have been to the moon, and dance some pretty fine ballet…but will they do THAT?!
  • The most famous people in our country…no longer the celebs in the crowd, but the ones flinging themselves down chutes of ice… or rockstar curlers.
  • The Raging Beaver helmet of Jeff Pain, skeleton.


  • The over 200 variations on the Believe song…It will take me another 4 years to get that earworm out of my head.
  • Norwegian pants…taking peoples mind off of the “Pants on the Ground” obsession.
  • Even Oprah had a hard time finding a pair of Red HBC mittens…I got mine for Christmas.
  • Best celebs of the games: Marianne St Gelais, Hot- Curler Cheryl Bernard, The PM,  Jon Montgomery, Most eligible bachelor Jon Morris (curler), Alex Bilodeau’s bro, Captain Sid
  • Anyone else think Russia looks…boring? Bring on more flying moose and beavers!
  • Movie cinema’s showing the Olympics on the big screen…awesome!
  • 18,000 or more people crammed into every and any hockey game…like Latvia vs Slovakia…with no actual Latvians or Slovakians in the crowd!
  • Best Romances: Marianne St Gelais/Charles Hamelin, Joannie Rochette/ FL Tremblay, Ashleigh McIvor/Chris Del Bosco, Christine Nesbitt/Netherlands speedskater, Jenn Heil/Her Coach and former Olympian Dominick Gauthier (also Bilodeaus coach)
  • The Legendary Donald Sutherland talks ‘hockey’ with ex PM’s son, Ben Mulroney. Sounds like a non-sequitor, until Mark Messier and Steve Yzerman joined them. Strange…and only in this country.
  • Every morning, CTV tried to fill 4-5 hours of Olympic-themed coverage…waiting for events to start Eastern Time. It became painful, they started interviewing Cab drivers, anyone who was wandering the streets at 4am Pacific time, researching the science of Beaver tails and Poutine, an throwing it to the weatherman every other segment.
  • If only once every four years, we get to hear the cutest french accents from Quebecer athletes…I love our country! Try not to smile when the speedskaters say things like “we win as team, we love our team, we are best in the world…merci”

Closing Ceremonies:

  • Starts off with a joke about the Opening ceremonies, a great display of our ability to laugh in spite of ourselves…while the world laughs at us usually.
  • Why in the heck is everyone wearing flashing Reindeer hats? It doesn’t go with the Americans Ralph Lauren…ha, joke’s on them!
  • I’ve never wanted to shoot myself more than sitting through the IOC and VANOC speeches, and the Russian and Oympic anthems (taking the liberty to sing ALL the verses!)
  • We need excitement, we need passion, we need to get the party started…enter Neil Young to save the day!!!!
  • Followed by a few Canadian Rants from Campy Canadians and one who hasn’t lived here in 30 years: Bill Shatner, Catherine O Hara (looks fantastic!) and Michael J Fox (he’s right, we CLAIM him…no matter where he lives!)
  • The best moment of the evening: Michael Buble in a Mounty outfit singing Maple Leaf forever.
  • Oh, but it’s not over…off comes the mounty outfit, in comes the Busby Berkley showgirls, flying moose, blown up beavers, flying cirque-leaves and a giant game of table hockey… the Canadian revue! Amazing, I have never laughed so hard and been so full of Canadian pride for all our stereotypes…we know how to embrace it!
  • A bunch of random performances: Nickleback (sigh…can we un-claim them?), Simple Plan (them too?), Avril Lavigne (she can be set free also…), K-OS and Alanis Morrisette.
  • A great show, a real party…and those antlers became a sea of glittering lights for the Buble Vegas-in-Vancouver show!

And I will now leave you with some images of the nation-wide,  post-olympics euphoria!






Own it Canada…

28 02 2010

In Days of yore,
From Britain’s shore
Wolfe the dauntless hero came
And planted firm Britannia’s flag
On Canada’s fair domain.
Here may it wave,
Our boast, our pride
And joined in love together,
The thistle, shamrock, rose entwined,
The Maple Leaf Forever.

The Maple Leaf
Our Emblem Dear,
The Maple Leaf Forever.
God save our Queen and heaven bless,
The Maple Leaf Forever.

At Queenston Heights and Lundy’s Lane
Our brave fathers side by side
For freedom’s home and loved ones dear,
Firmly stood and nobly died.
And so their rights which they maintained,
We swear to yeild them never.
Our watchword ever more shall be
The Maple Leaf Forever

Our fair Dominion now extends
From Cape Race to Nootka Sound
May peace forever be our lot
And plenty a store abound
And may those ties of love be ours
Which discord cannot sever
And flourish green for freedom’s home
The Maple Leaf Forever

Working on a very special Olympic wrap-up for tomorrows blog, be sure to check back in! But for tonight, Watching the Closing cermonies in pure elation and bursting pride, as a Canadian…strong and free. and now the world knows the party we are having up here!

Oh BOY Canada!

27 02 2010

How do we define success? What is winning?

Is it quality over quantity? Is it based on surpassing records, beating the odds, surprising results?

Numbers speak volumes about the acheivements of Canada’s atheletes in these winter games on home turf.
Consider this:

After tonight, Canada has reached 13 GOLD medals. That ties a record for most EVER by a country at a winter games and smashes the record for most ever won by a home country!

We also have a guaranteed 26 medals overall, that may not be tops in terms of quantity, but it breaks the Canadian record for most medals won by our country, overtaking our previous record in the last games in Turin!

So Canada, OWN it. This is an accomplishment no one can take away from us. The highest step on the Podium, belonged to us this time, in our land…propelled by our spirit!

With a GOLD in Speedskating Pursuit, and (5 minutes later) a GOLD in SNowboard Slolam, a BRONZE in 4-man bobsled and a GOLD to cap off the evening in Mens Curling… it was another day of domination for the hometeam.

And the medal picture now looks like this:

…missing one piece, Mens Hockey GOLD. That’s tomorrow night…

Starting to Own the Podium!

26 02 2010

They told us to be patient. They told us our medals would come at the end of the 2-week extravaganza. So we waited, we speculated, we blamed, we pointed fingers, we dis-owned the podium.

Today…is our day!

The Hometeam had a day of redemption, like “winning wednesday“…the medals just piled in today thanks to Curling and Short track!

Curling: Cheryl Bernard played a great game. she stole 3 points (thats hard to do by the way) but was forced to play an extra end (overtimes). and it came down to the last rock…unable to perfectly execute, so she “settles” for the SILVER medal!!!! Atta Girl! Tomorrow is the mens final, Kevin Martin is a curling god…he is going for ultimate dominence.

Short track: In the most dramatic sport, came the most dramatic final of the Olympics. Two Canadians made the finals (guaranteed at least one medal…) one of which was Charles Hamelin, who saw his enthusiastic, cracker-jack of a girlfriend nab a silver earlier last week, was gunning for his gold. In a confusing, yet highly entertaining race…Hamelin came out GOLDen and his candian partner ended up finishing in BRONZE position! 2 medals, in one race!

**side note: the best piece of footage CTV captured ALL week….footage of Hamelins girlfriend (Marie St Gelais) watching this race…look for it, it’s amazing, she goes absolutly bat-wild…!**

BREAKING NEWS! Canada’s Short track relay team just struck GOLD! another GOLD for Canadian shortrackers, Charles Hamelin is having a heck of a night (so is his girl, she is literally going nuts on international TV!)

And of course, there was that hockey game… no medals on the line, but Canada needed to win this one for a chance at gold against the USA (why is it always those pesky Americans!) Updates to come, game still in session…but Canada is up 3-0 in the third. Pretty safe to set the date with the Americans….sunday at 3pm.

Here’s the growing medal picture after a great 3 medal day (so far…!)

Friday’s Olympic Schedule…

26 02 2010

I have a late-night medal update!
Congrats Joannie Rochette winning a BRONZE last night in the marathon finals of womens figure skating!

Here’s the NEW medal picture:

and the schedule for the day looks like this (its another doozy my friends!)

12- Womens Curling BRONZE: CHI v SUI

1-Womens snowboard

3- Mens Hockey Semis: US v FIN

3:30- Mens speedskating relay Quater finals

4- Four man bobsled heats

6- Womens curling finals: CAN v SWE

9- Short track speedskating 500m

10:25- Shortrack speedskating finals

The medal count should rise substantially again today, with a guaranteed GOLD or SILVER in Curling, and some great hopefuls in speedskating relays and 500m. And women are owning Freestyle snowboard/ski races for Canada, so never count them out! Go Hometeam…!

Just another day at the Olympics!

25 02 2010

Let me break it down for you. (a medals remix persay…)

Canada now has a total of 16 medals. 12.5 of those medals were won by WOMEN, that’s close to 80 percent. Of the 16 medals, 50% are GOLD…that’s right, 8 Gold medals! We are tied with both USA and Germany for most gold medals in the standings.

We are also guaranteed either a gold or silver in BOTH mens and womens Curling…so add THAT to the total! (and neither Germany or the US are in those finals)

Today was an active day (geez, the Olympics have not slowed down since the riveting opening ceremonies!) with semi-finals in curling, finals in hockey and figure skating!

Curling:  Both teams won…both will play for Gold in the finals. Go Kevin and Cheryl!

Womens Hockey: A rematch of every gold medal game in this sport…USA v Canada… shutout for Canadian star goalie, and two goals for Canadian young-gun Poulin lead Canada to a 2-0 win for GOLD!

Figure Skating: Joannie Rochette has been the emotional triumph of this winter games, and she skated her final program in hopes of a medal and sentimental win tonight. **RESULTS to come.

The medal picture looks differnt everyday…go team!

Big day for the Home team…

25 02 2010

whether you want to call it “winning wednesday” or “womens wednesday” or my personal favourite,  “We beat those pesky Russians Wednesday” … yesterday was a great day on the podium for the hometeam.

Now it’s thursday, and the bar has been set high…but we have a chance to make it another great run for a haul of medals!

Here’s what I’m watching today:

12- Womens semi final curling : CAN v SUI

2- Womens Hockey BRONZE game: FIN v SWE

5- Mens Curling semi finals: CAN v SWE

6:30- Womens hockey GOLD game: CAN v USA

8- Ladies figure skating FINALS

9- Mens Aerials FINALS

The buzz is deafening, and there are plenty of stories to follow today. Joannie Rochette made international news and stole international hearts with her short program, tonight she goes for a medal! The Womens hockey team could lead the charge for hockey supremacy and another gold medal. The womens and Mens curling teams have been dominating, now it COUNTS…! And there are 3 Canadian men in the Aerials finals…3 times the chances!

Medal picture is gonna change today….I can feel it!

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