Survivor Recap

17 11 2010

Another strategic overhaul on tonight’s Survivor.

King Sasha and Queen Brenda rule the roost after last week’s usurping of Marty. But court jester Nayonka would have NONE of that. And as much as I’ve blogged my dislike of Nay… she does NOT back down from ‘powerplays’ as she calls them, infact, she actively seeks them out no matter the risk.

She also doesnt shrivel up at Tribal council, she lays it all out on the table…and somehow, has managed to keep enough friends to stay afloat in this game.

Tonight, She devised a plan to take out Brenda and shared it with the group. Now, that may NOT have been the smartest idea, because little minion Chase went straight to the Queen with this intelligence. Still, enough people want brenda gone (giving them another week of ‘fighting chance’) that the plan doesnt completely erupt until Tribal council. And Brenda thinks she’s totally safe because King Sasha has promised her the idol if he feels she is ‘unsafe’.This season, Tribal is the time to air all the dirty laundry and make your final attempt to stay in the game and push someone ELSE under the bus. And the game evolves once again!

Brenda calls out Nay, Nay calls out Chase, and everyone else exchanges furtive glances.

Here’s where Brenda needed to be more specific to the Idol terms. When exactly does ‘unsafe’ apply? Because apparantly Sasha didnt get that unsafe’ vibe from the tribe, and decided to keep the idol.

Brenda voted out.

The most appropriate closing line for Brenda should’ve been “Let them eat cake‘. The Queen has been de-throned.


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