Wednesday February 15th: TV Night

15 02 2012

Holy TV Night Batman! It’s a PVR overload tonight…

Need a refresher?

Survivor: One World”  PREMIERES tonight! (I’m trying to look past the lame-name. Sounds like a video game…no?)


American Idol CONTINUES with a 2 hour GROUP WEEK tonight! (remember how I said I would never forgive producers for making me wait a week to hear actual singing? Well, I’m over it. My night has arrived.)


it’s Wednesday night which means Modern Family, CSI and Criminal Minds are ALL new and ALL on tonight.

It’s an embarrassment of TV riches.

Remember those nights, like 2 weeks before Christmas when there was quite literally NOTHING on TV and you were waiting for the Yule Log to air? Or how about those weeks in the summer when you are forced to watch The Bachelor Pad or insipid game shows with washed up hosts. You almost felt guilty staying in and watching TV. I mean, wouldnt you just have salivated at the thought of a TV night like this one? It’s happening to me right now, I’m sitting at work licking my lips at the thought of my TV line up for tonight.

You know they say there are 3 types of people.

Those who live for the Anticipation, those who live in the Moment and those who live to Talk about it.

Let me share a little something with you. I am a person who lives for the anticipation – excitment about a trip or an event or the expectation of something ‘happening’ makes me lose sleep, lose focus and at times, lose my mind. The event itself may be great, may be just OK, may be a dud… The build up is what I live for. People who live in the moment, enjoy each exciting event as it’s happening. Those who live to talk about it are your classic ‘takes a million pictures’ ‘posts everything to facebook’ ‘has a million stories’ ‘makes a scrapbook’ after the fact… that’s their enjoyment, reliving and retelling.

As an “Anticipation” person, this day is killing me.

What can I tell you about tonight…
There are a few new twists on this most recent installation of Survivor (besides the cheeseball name). Redemption Island is no more, and the teams are now sharing the same camp… I’m very interested to see how that works or doesnt work. I get the feeling the social game is becoming more and more important.

So you know where I’ll be tonight… hope you’ll join me in enjoying what promises to be a great TV Night.


Wednesday Night TV : PVR Overload!

23 02 2011

When did Wednesday night creep up and usurp Thursday night on the TV Week Throne?


If you’ve got plans tonight that lead you away from your couch… you’ve got a few hours to make up a good excuse to cancel.

Tonight, you have the choice between:

2 Hours of American Idol – really, you have no choice, you HAVE to watch this show! Nigel Lithgow in his infinite reality competition show wisdom has created a new echelon for American Idol tonight. The Top 20 wannabes take the stage to perform BEATLES songs (yes, AI finally got the catalogue!) for their final push/audition. Nothing could keep me from indulging in this pleasure…

Survivor Redemption Island– except, perhaps…this show. Thank Goodness for PVR. Tonight, we will see how the Redemption Island format plays out. Currently, a lone woman has left the island for her Redemption stint, awaiting the arrival of another cast-off to fight for their lives in the game. Drama!

Criminal Minds/Criminal Minds 2 – that’s right, my guilty pleasure has grown another arm. Going the way of Law and Order, CSI and other successful ‘franchise’ shows…Criminal Minds has a new iteration starring Forest Whitaker (Oscar winner!), and CBS is airing them back to back.

and lastly… as if you weren’t already ordering in and leaving work early…

Americas Next Top Model – it’s ba-aaack! Feel like it just ended, and launched another poor waif into virtual anonymity in the fashion world? It’s useless and totally mind numbing… but it happens to be one of my favourite ways to relax after a long day of ‘real problems’. I can’t wait for more catfights, finger-wagging and Tyra-isms.

So, here’s the question for all you poor PVR-less TV Watchers (may I make a Christmas Gift suggestion?). Which show will you tune into tonight?

American Idol Wednesday: February 9th

9 02 2011

Congratulations! You made it through ‘hump-day’… or wednesday to those with dirty, filthy minds. And what better way to celebrate than with the final American Idol auditions of the ‘new’ season.

Setting the stage for my FAVOURITE week of TV (debatable, but I’ll go with it…) Hollywood Week. There will be gushing tears and the sounds of heartbreak and dreams shattering. I’m going to love it.

There are some early favourites – not that I can remember any of them off the top of my head, but Hollywood week always reminds me of my frontrunners. Then , those frontrunners are paired up, grouped up and singled out… whittling down a final 24, or 20 or 12…depending on Nigel Lithgow’s direction.

So goodbye auditions! Good bye costumes, goodbye Michael Jackson wannabe’s, goodbye J-Lo admirers and Steven Tyler groupies…Good bye delusion. So far- I’m impressed with the judges – but how will they be LIVE?!?! That is still yet to be seen.

Tonight, there were a few stand outs: The girl with the throw-back voice, the Columbian immigrant and of course… The last audition of the season (supposedly) – the 21 year old with turrets, a tragic past and no money.

So add them to the mix…

Bring on Hollywood week… and for Pete’s sake – don’t forget your words!

American Idol Wednesday: January 26

26 01 2011

I am loving this year of American Idol so far…aren’t you? Is there anything better on TV than the first round of Idol auditions? (and don’t you DARE say Live2Dance… not even close Paula.)

New judges, same old format.

Tonight, in the land of the Cheeseheads, there were some great storylines, great performances, and great big flops. I have to admit, my favourites are always the freak-outs. You know the ones who are in awe of the judges when they go into the room, and then about halfway through, they turn on them…and by the time they leave, they are punching cameramen, finger waggin’ and saying how little the judges know about ‘real’ musical talent. I LOVE those ones. There were some of those too…which made my evening.

I am also really digging the judges… there may be sceptics, but I’m sold on this group. Steven Tyler is genuine, humane but somehow manages to keep it real with everyone. J-Lo is forthright, articulate and actually adds value to the panel. Randy is a funny, no nonsense ‘dude’ that totally deserved to keep this job.

Of course, the story of the night was that of the final contestant. His fiancee suffered a devastating brain injury leaving her disabled… but he has not left her side. For better or for worse. Such a rare man with integrity and true love for another human being. Keep an eye out for him…and remember the name Chris Medina.

What will Nashville bring tomorrow night? You can probably bet on a few cowboy wannabe’s and Carrie Underwood look alikes. Just saying.

People’s Choice Winners and Recap

6 01 2011

The first ‘Award Show‘ of the season aired last night at the People’s Choice Awards 2010.

The show was typical… lots of screaming, lots of Twilight, lots of botox, lots of shameless self promotion and TONS of ‘thanking the people’ with humility and grace. right.

First things first…. Since when did Queen Latifa become Billy Crystal? Her run as host of this show has lasted  a long time… but is there really no other option out there? What is Kate Gosselin doing these days? No, sorry, that’s just wrong… but you know what I mean! Queen doesnt really ‘DO’ much in the industry except host this annual (fake) awards show.

She added nothing… if anything, she made is harder to watch.

But here’s the info you want to see-

The List of Winners:


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse



Johnny Depp



Kristen Stewart



Iron Man 2



Jackie Chan



The Twilight Saga: Eclipse



Toy Story 3



Grown Ups


Adam Sandler



The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner



Zac Efron



A Nightmare on Elm Street






Hugh Laurie



Lisa Edelstein






Neil Patrick Harris



Jane Lynch



American Idol



Lie To Me



Tim Roth
Lie to Me






Conan O’Brien






Keeping Up with the Kardashians



Demi Lovato
Grey’s Anatomy



Gregory House
Hugh Laurie



The Simpsons
The Simpsons


Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam



Rachael Ray



Hawaii Five-O



$#*! My Dad Says






Katy Perry



Love The Way You Lie
by Eminem featuring Rihanna






Selena Gomez & the Scene






Taylor Swift









Love The Way You Lie by Eminem featuring Rihanna



Katy Perry



“Single Ladies” Devastation


The People’s Choice Awards are the only award show where Adam Sandler wins anything, and Tina Fey gets shut out.

So thanks to us ‘People’… THOSE beautiful People got yet another night of accolades and appreciation. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

The Sing Off: Wednesday Week 3

15 12 2010

The Sing Off hit it’s final note(s) tonight… the last show before the LIVE Finale on Monday.

Here’s a recap:

Each group sang medleys of ‘superstars’, and a chosen song from the judges…

Jerry and the Talk of the Town: Brought down the house with their songs… Aretha Franklin and House of the Rising Sun. The judges got all emotional, and part of me thinks they are positioned to win this thing. A great back story, strong vocals and a memorable final performance (with a standing O to top it off) could just give them the edge!

Church Boys: Are still my favourite… but they got a raw deal from the judges. They were given Al Green, Let’s Stay Together… not a memorable song, not a particularly cool’ or ‘fresh’ song…but their voices were beautiful! They needed a show-stopper, and I’m not sure that they got the song to do it for them… but I love them. Just Sayin…

Cali’s: Try really hard. Maybe too hard. They did Gaga and tried to be quirky and ‘edgy’. Then they got Landslide, and ended up crying with raw emotion at the end. It was just predictable… I’m not a fan. Besides, has anyone noticed the beat-boxer looks like Justin Bieber? I mean… it’s uncanny!

Country Boys: Are slowly moving up the ladder in my books. They took on the Beatles, and being the biggest Beatles fan in a country mile, I was actually pretty pleased with the outcome. They also killed their judges song, putting some fresh flavour into it, and proving that they may also be the group to beat.

And the eliminated Group tonight was…

The Youtubers: Needed to step it up this week… but fell short. Although, their ‘Swan Song’ showed glimpses of genius I hadn’t seen previously from them…bad timing boys!

So… Monday night is the Live Finale… who’s gonna take it? Thoughts?

The Sing Off: Episode 2

8 12 2010

That’s right, our second dose of The Sing Off in a week… what is this? American Idol?

I’m guessing the race to end before Christmas has started, and all shows are getting ready to go out with a bang. The Sing Off will likely have their finale just in time for the big holiday.

Not that I’m complaining…I never complain about NEW content!

Here’s what happened on tonight’s episode:

Youtubers: Slipped a bit from their infamous Bad Romance performance. Great choreography again, but they need to work hard to compete with the stellar voices of the other groups.

Breakfast Club: No not , Bieber, but Bruno Mars this time. D’ya think this group has a ‘target market’? yeesh, and prom queen really needs to cut out the false emotion. Overall, stronger than monday night…but still not even in the running for best group.

Country Boys: picked it up a bit this week – and looked cooler doing it! I have to admit – I was away for most of the performance (I know! Hate mail is forthcoming…) but the judges gave them full props for a solid night.

Church Boys: Are slowly rising to the top of the groups…and becoming a personal favourite. Another fantastic rendition of a pop song, gone to church. Apologize was a huge song last year, and if possible, it sounds better acapella!

The Talk of the Town: The old boys are showing the other groups who REALLY invented acapella. That’s right Whiffenpoofs… these guys put the MO in MO-Town, and they can still upstage the youngins! I smiled the entire way through their performance of Duffy… so cool.

Cali’s: continue to use the same Beyonce-wannabe as their ‘lead’, and to be honest, I think she is trying to be a solo act and become a star on her own. BEyond that, the groups real star is the female (Bieber look alike) beat boxer.

Whiffenpoofs: May have ‘invented’ acapella… but they did not have the sameWhiff or Poof as they did on monday. They were a little flat, and the judges gave them vanilla praise.

Grooves: This lead singer has the charisma and the talent to truly LEAD this group through the competition. Although I thought the song was a little messy and disjunct… they have a very specific sound that distinguishes them from the rest….never a bad thing!

Who went home:

The Breakfast Club and WhiffenPoof

I for one, am OK with that ruling. Thoughts?

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