Survivor Night…

17 12 2009

For those who are Survivor fans…this is a great night for you! For those who would rather watch anything else…have fun with that…it’s gonna be a tough night for you.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:


It’s Survivor finale week…with an episode tonight, then a 2 hour finale on sunday night (and the reunion show…my favourite! I love seeing people all dolled up post-island living). It will be interesting tonight, as it sets up the final episode, to see if anyone can hatch a plan good enough to blindside Russel. I’m not putting any money on Shambo becoming a strategic force, but perhaps Mick and Jaison will get tired of being the strong silent-types and get the (tag along) blonde girl to jump on board. Or perhaps Brett will get tired of being Mr.Nice-guy and make some sort of a bold strategic move…otherwise he’ll be the first to go tonight…Russel doesnt want to take anyone nicer than he appears to the jury.

Either way, if Russel makes it to the top 3… will he be a shoo-in for the win? He has done a masterful job at orchestrating everyone’s demise…but not ruffling any feathers along the way. Will Monica’s recent coup (and new seat in the jury) do anything to tarnish his image…in other words, will the information that he is an oil tycoon make him “undeserving” in the eyes of most voters?

I dont think we will see Shambo or Brett in the finals, It is a toss for me who Russel will decide to bring before the jury with him (pending a serious blindside that sees Russel leave earlier than he expected)… Jaison or Mick…he will most definitly bring the chick…why not? She wont get votes.

Tune in tonight for the “set up” show…Tonight, CBS/Global 8pm.




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